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Predict Which Messages Engage Prospects


Push Best Practice Messaging

Use data science to predict best practice sales enablement tools, QuickPlays™, and content for any sales situation. No more searching; recommended tools come directly to sales.


Deliver Perfect Presentations

Generate presentations tailored to each prospect. No more non-standard decks. Our PerfectPitch™ technology instantly assembles slides proven for each sales situation.


Send Best Practice Emails

Help sales teams communicate with prospects effectively. No more struggling to craft emails. Our OnMessage™ technology delivers templates proven to drive prospects to your content.

Make Every Sales Conversation Best Practice

 KnowledgeTree helps us identify and use content with the highest ROI, and that’s generated millions in additional revenue for Software AG.    Michael DurhamSenior Director, Pre-Sales Engineering, Software AG

Dramatically Increase Sales Results

When sales people use best practice messages they engage and convert prospects. KnowledgeTree learns what messages work in different sales situations. It pushes proven best practice tools and content to sales people when they need them.

  • Match content to any sales situation – by industry, persona, stage, product, geography, and more
  • Surface content anywhere – in or mobile devices with Salesforce1
  • Centralize content from everywhere – your blog, videos, file shares, and internal content like sales training tools

Make Every Sales Person Your Top Performer

Get thousands of hours of selling time back by eliminating sales’ #1 time waster. And help even new hires message like your top reps.

  • Recover the 30% of sales reps’ time spent building new messaging
  • Analyze and recommend messages that top performers use
  • Support adoption of best practice messaging across teams

Identify Best Practice Sales Enablement Tools

Data science predicts which sales enablement content will advance any sales situation. The right content gets used and invested in.

  • Automatically recommend best practice messages proven to close sales
  • Identify gaps in your sales tool library to better target messaging to prospects
  • Connect with Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, or Hubspot for a complete view of your funnel

Support Best Practice Messaging Across Sales Teams


Enable Sales Process

Equip sales reps with existing internal or training material from resources like your wiki or LMS. Pushed at the right time, without leaving


Keep Your Sales Team Alert

Sales reps get instant alerts when their prospects view content. Timely follow-ups were never easier.


Test Best Practice Messaging

Want to test whether messages resonate with a persona, or customer segment? Learn how prospects respond to build best practices in different sales situations.


Integrate Your Content Tools

Use content on the web, your intranet, video, SharePoint, Salesforce Content, Box, Dropbox. No new repository to manage — content stays where you want it.


Get Collaborative with Chatter

Get feedback from reps using Salesforce Chatter. Reps can share feedback with you because each content asset is its own Topic.


Supercharge Your Funnel

Do you use marketing automation or sales intelligence tools? Manage leads based on what’s happening in the sales process too.

 We got KnowledgeTree setup in one day, and got the initial pieces of content loaded into KT and exposed to the sales reps in about a day too. It was all very easy.   xactly Brian Groth Sales Enablement Manager

Learn how you can push best practices messages to sales now.

How Sales Enablement Supports Best Practices

  (KnowledgeTree) allows my sales team to pick the right content based on industry, product type, features and much more.    Jason MeffordDirector of Inside Sales, Digium

Discover Relevant Sales Enablement Tools

Sales people don’t have time to go to a portal and search for sales tools and content. Help sales teams get relevant sales enablement tools and content fast.

  • Surface best practice sales enablement materials in matching Leads, Opportunities, or any sales record.
  • Access content from anywhere – including your desktop and mobile devices.
  • Get content without leaving – there’s no process change for sales people.

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Recommend Winning Sales Tools

Help the field use sales tools that engage and challenge prospects. No searching — the right sales tools are recommended at the right time. Best practice messages are quickly identified and pushed across sales teams.

  • Match sales tools to prospects and customers, so relevant content is used.
  • Recommend the best content so sales people never search again.
  • Push content to sales people as they work in

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  KnowledgeTree makes it simple ... to distribute content to Sales, and for Sales to find the content they need at the exact moment they need it.    Liz ShulofSr. Director of Marketing Communications, Bomgar

Predict Which Sales Tools Sell More

Which sales tools win in different sales situations? Our analytics and recommendation engine push market-proven sales tools to your sales teams.

  • Measure the ROI of your sales tools and content based on real results.
  • Surface ‘winning’ content based on what converts leads and opportunities.
  • Identify gaps in your sales enablement and content marketing portfolio.

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Control Marketing Messages Across Sales Teams

Large and growing sales teams need to stay on message. Help sales teams consistently position your products with prospects and customers.

  • Segment which teams have access to different content, so relevant content gets used.
  • Surface and protect internal sales training and positioning content.
  • Report on content use by team to identify gaps.

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Standardize Best Practice Content Across Sales

Sales people send dozens of emails each day. Help sales teams share effective content and messaging with standardized email templates.

  • Control messaging with approved email templates linked to your marketing content.
  • Boost prospect interest by putting the best messages into sales people’s emails.
  • Slash the time needed for a sales person to share content with a prospect.

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Customize Sales Presentations for Prospects

Struggling with one slide fits all? Help sales people find and build the best presentations for their prospects and customers.

  • Match individual slides to sales situations, so recommended content gets used.
  • Assemble tailored presentations in seconds from marketing-approved decks.
  • Build, share and track presentations without ever leaving

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Guide Sales Messaging with QuickPlays™

Deliver relevant tips, guidance, and training materials to sales teams based on their sales situation. So Sales Enablement content gets used.

  • Match QuickPlays™ with any sales situation.
  • Surface best practice guidance to help sales people message effectively.
  • Push scripts, videos, and links to training material.

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Alert When Prospects Engage with Sales Enablement Content

Stay in control of sales conversations. Help sales teams know which prospects are engaged with your sales content – and which have gone cold.

  • Alert sales people via email and Chatter when prospects engage with marketing content.
  • Identify who is engaging with content, from where, on what device, and measure their engagement.
  • Log and track prospect engagement in records with no sales person effort.

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Complete Visibility into Sales Funnel

Don’t let leads fall off the visibility cliff. Understand which content is used – and is working – in the sales process.

  • Measure marketing content’s ROI by how prospects interact with content.
  • Understand how well marketing content performs in different sales situations.
  • Integrate seamlessly with Marketing Automation tools for full control of the sales and marketing funnel.

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Avoid Sales Process Change

Minimize disruption in your organization. Get going with sales enablement, not complex project management.

  • Centralize content from anywhere – external and internal sources.
  • Leverage your existing content portal and repositories – keep marketing content where it lives (Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, YouTube, portals, marketing automation, content management tools, and more).
  • Preserve your content production processes - build collateral like you always have.

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  Simple to install; simple to configure; very powerful for Sales. (We can identify) which assets work best ... and allow our Content team to understand what makes a piece of content successful.    Tucker HeinerManager, CRM Systems, RingCentral

Get to Sales Enablement Fast

You don’t have time to wait for long roll-outs. Get your sales enablement process launched today.

  • Be effective from Day 1 – content appears in minutes.
  • Rest easy, our application is battle-tested and approved.
  • Get started now – contact us for more information.

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