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What Content is Sales Using?

KnowledgeTree lets you deliver the right content at the right time to your sales team. It's Sales Enablement for your marketing content.

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KnowledgeTree Recommends Content that Prospects Really Want

  • Never Search for Content Again

    No more struggling to find content. Sales people get the right content, at the right time, right on records.
  • Know What Content Works

    Advanced analytics let you discover what content resonates in the market, so your best content gets invested in and used.
  • Fast Time to Value

    Fast set-up means you're recommending content to sales in minutes. No process change. No complex install. It's ready to go.
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  • Marketing Leaders
  • Sales Leaders
  • Channel Content
  • Account Teams
  • Customer Success
  • Sales Enable Marketo

Prospects and customers demand great content. They want informative, fun, and relevant materials that help them make smarter decisions.

But do sales people know what content to send? How do you determine what content is effective?

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Prospects and customers demand great content. They want informative, fun, and relevant materials that help them make smarter decisions.

But do new sales people know what content to send? Do established sales people use the same content over and over again?

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Your channel partners amplify your marketing reach and drive sales. But are they delivering the right message to your prospects and customers?

Too often channel partners will use out-dated, ineffective, or customized content when selling. That means you’re not controlling your messaging throughout this critical channel.

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Your account management team interacts with customers every day. That’s a golden opportunity to serve and upsell your most enthusiastic supporters.

But do new account managers know what content to send? Do established account managers use the same content over and over again?

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Customer Success teams interact with customers in challenging situations. These interactions don’t have to be stressful, turn them into sales calls with the right content.

But do Success Managers know the best, most appropriate content to share with customers?

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Marketo is an incredibly powerful tool for personalized messaging to prospects and customers. Unfortunately, when sales people use their own emails and content, you lose visibility into your funnel.

How do you encourage sales people to use the most effective campaigns, emails, and content for their prospect interactions?

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  • KnowledgeTree makes it simple for both Marketing to distribute content to Sales, and for Sales to find the content they need at the exact moment they need it. Liz ShulofSr. Director of Marketing Communications, Bomgar
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Break Up With Your Sales Portal Software.

Get The Right Content Pushed to Sales Reps, Where They Work.

  • Right Inside

    KnowledgeTree surfaces your best, and most relevant content, right on your reps' records. Don't make them leave the apps they use every day.
  • On The Web

    Sales reps access content from any web browser, and best of all, they can browse content, or get content recommended for their prospects.
  • And on any device with Salesforce1 Mobile

    Winning sales reps work 24x7, but aren't always near their computers. Give them access to winning content, right on their iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices.
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Enable Sales Process, Collaboration, Testing, and Integration

  • Enable Sales Process

    Enable sales reps with existing playbook, process, learning, or other material. Pushed at the right time, without leaving
  • Keep Your Sales Team Alert

    Sales reps get instant alerts when their prospects view content. Timely follow-ups were never easier.
  • Create, Test, Iterate

    Want to test whether content resonates with a persona, or customer segment? See which content resonates in different sales situations.
  • Integrate Your Content Tools

    Use content on the web, your intranet, online video, Box, DropBox, & Google Drive. No new repository to manage -- content stays where you want it.
  • Get Collaborative with Chatter

    Get feedback from reps using Salesforce Chatter. Reps can share feedback with you because each content asset is its own Topic.
  • Supercharged Marketing Tools

    Do you use Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, HubSpot, or another marketing automation tool? Manage leads based on what's happening in the sales process too.
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  • Sales Enablement means equipping reps with relevant content. Content that makes them the expert your buyer expects.

    95% of buyers chose a vendor that provided ample content to navigate the buying process (DemandGen). Are your sales teams using effective content? KnowledgeTree's software ensures that your sales team has the sales enablement tools they need to engage successfully with your buyer. That makes you a sales enablement hero.
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