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Book review - Hacking Marketing, MarTec - Scott Brinker
The Sales Driven CMO

This week I had the good luck to be added to B2B Marketing's blog roll. I'll be using the series of posts to look at how the modern CMO can address her changing role. No longer are various strategies like content marketing, digital marketing, or...

Sales coaching and training best practices
Modern Sales Coaching and Training within Sales Enablement

How would you define your sales coaching and training programs at your organization? Here are working definitions, although it may look different for you:Training: From onboarding, to just-in-time training, to ongoing training refreshers, a robust sales training program gives reps current product knowledge and sales...

KiteDesk for KnowledgeTree: Nothing Works Without a Compelling Story
Nothing Works Without a Compelling Story

Stories are how humans learn to understand their place in the world and the meanings behind events. A story offers people a sense of belonging and helps them more firmly establish their identities. For centuries, overarching traditional narratives shaped people’s identities around their geographic location,...