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sales enablement
Sales Enablement and Meeting in the Middle

Peter Ostrow and the team at Aberdeen always put together great research around Sales Enablement. A blog post from August 11 looks at an interesting take-away from some of his most recent research. It found that even at high performing companies, sales and marketing leadership...

sales and marketing
The Real Innovation in Sales and Marketing

It’s a good time to be in sales and marketing.  The pace of innovation among platform and tool vendors is staggering.  Long-held pains like prospect data quality and sales pipeline analytics are now commonly tackled. The speed of development in this space triggered a healthy industry...

sales collateral
3 Problems Sales Has with Your Content

Sales and marketing content is a critical part of the sales process. Case studies, presentations, and other content engage sales leads and advance opportunities. In fact, up to 95% of B2B sales are heavily influenced by sales content. Yet, are your sales people using the content...

marketing content
How to Centralize Your Marketing Content

Your team is producing huge volumes of great content. There’s videos, presentations, internal FAQs, and other marketing material. You want your sales team to access all of this content, but the problem is location, location, location. Your presentations are on your file sharing tool, your videos...