Relevant Collateral will Enable the Buyer to Play Ball

Moneyball for Sales and Marketing - #2: Getting Sales Prospects to Play Ball - KnowledgeTree

We know that effective sales tools close business. To get great collateral requires that you assess how well it resonates with prospects. And as you find out what wins, you can invest accordingly. That’s the moneyball approach to sales and marketing content.

In a prior post I looked at the importance of timing and sequencing of the content sales sends. That lets your sales team speak to the exact informational need that a prospect has at any given time. In this post, I’ll look at the second item in our moneyball approach. That’s how to pick content that is so well-tuned to your prospect that you dramatically speed up the sales cycle.

Question Your Collateral

An effective presentation or proposal speaks to the needs of a customer. It speaks their language. But what levers should you pull to match these needs? Remember that your prospect isn’t just sitting on the collateral that you send them. They are using it to build an internal business case for your offer. So, ask yourself some key questions about their sales content needs:

  • Geography and Language: Do prospects in Europe have different pains than their American counterparts? Are country-specific case studies necessary, or is it more about the resonance of the message?
  • Industry: How should you message when selling into the financial services industry? Do banking case studies work for insurance prospects?
  • Product Mix: Which products work together well from a messaging perspective? What level of technical detail should you go into for different products?
  • Key Pains: Which pain points elicit the strongest reaction? Do different industries and geographies respond differently to different pains?

Your company will have its own key elements that you want to organize messages by. Look at how you segment your market and the various personae. By understanding the different types of customers and audiences within those customers, you’ll know how to blend messaging effectively in your content.

But the next step is vital. You need to measure results. That means tying ROI back to your collateral. It makes sense. You likely do it now with your email and website content. You should also do it for the content that your sales team depends on. Track which collateral is linked to getting appointments, short lists, and closed business. You’ll find that not all variations actually affect your key metrics. But test it and you’ll quickly discover where to invest time.

A KnowledgeTree client ties each piece of collateral to the number of closed opportunities and the amount of revenue generated. That’s allowed the team to eliminate unproductive content, saving significant time – and redouble efforts around refining collateral that is closing business.

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