Have Collateral Ready When the Competition Challenges

Moneyball for Sales and Marketing #4: Challenging the Superstar - KnowledgeTree

You’re moving through a sale quickly. The buyer is interested, likes your product, has the budget, and a business case. But then a curve ball kicks in. One of your competitors joins the pursuit. Now, suddenly there’s a fight on your hands.

Sales teams need to be equipped with the right materials to address competitive threats from product marketing. But which materials are going to work? As we’ve talked about before, marketing can help by matching content to certain sales situations. If you have specific strengths in certain industries, you should use collateral that highlights that. Or, if you have multiple product lines then tailoring which messages can confront the competitor for a particular product might be useful.

We’ve made that simple with our new KnowledgeTree for Salesforce solution. Now, sales teams can find the right content to confront a competitive threat without leaving their CRM.

Sales Enablement is a Two-Way Street

In addition to discovering the right content at the right time, there’s another element. Sales teams are at the coal face day-in and day-out, confronting competitors and learning what works. Product Marketing can target messages that can undermine competitors, but they can do it so much better when they know a competitor inside and out.

That requires that sales provides feedback about what messages are working against a competitor. Sales teams know what resonates and hear responses directly from the customers themselves. They need to communicate back to marketing (and marketing needs to solicit this information from sales) about what works so that product, content, and go-to-market can be adjusted. That’s true sales enablement – a two way street.

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