The Right Collateral at the Right Time Enables the Closer

Moneyball for Sales and Marketing - #5: Right Time, Right Closer - KnowledgeTree

Your product is the top choice of your prospect. They like its fit, your price, and they want to work with you. But you’re not done selling. The prospect still has to get over a few major hurdles internally before you can close out the pursuit. So what will help the prospect buy your product?

In any sales situation product marketing needs to equip your champion with relevant information and materials that will help them to build a business case for the solution and specifically for your products. Different stages in the sales cycle mean different kinds of content should be shared.

Early in the sales process you might share case studies and general value summaries. But what sales enablement should you do, what sales tools should you deliver late in the process. It’s all situational, but generally tools that emphasize the business value and support the construction of a business case will be more useful at this stage.

That could be ROI calculators, best practice and implementation guides to support roll-outs, and other product marketing content that helps the champion. But where is that content and which collateral should the sales person use? With large sales teams and lots of products sales people can’t be expected to efficiently locate the content they need.

Sales Enablement with Right Collateral

That’s where KnowledgeTree can help. Our KnowledgeTree for Salesforce solution surfaces the exact right content at the right time in So, when a sales process moves from step to step, the approved, effective content for each step is surfaced. That makes each sales person radically more effective. And closing deals gets easier.

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