Inside Sales and the Power of Being Fast

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30 Aug Inside Sales and the Power of Being Fast

A recent article in The New York Times takes a look at how software makers are innovating to keep businesses efficient as companies move toward an inside sales – an often mobile – sales model.

As is evident in the Times article, one of the major trends is that mobile sales teams are only part of the equation. In parallel is the massive rise of inside sales teams. The sales force has to have the same level of effectiveness in the field and the office. And these teams need to be able to quickly respond to inbound inquiries and outbound generated prospects.

According to, research shows that 35-50 percent of sales go to the vendor that responds first. Today’s sales environment is a sprint on a treadmill, and the treadmill switch is never turned off. Salespeople need to be ready to run at all times, in the field or in the office. Maybe during an in-person meeting a rep is asked about a different product? That sales person needs to instantly pull up collateral to foster that conversation, because by the time they get back to the office, that prospect might have already gone somewhere else.

And throughout a sales engagement, they need to be able to sustain the conversation. That means having scripts, videos, and supporting materials that can help a sales person deliver effective messages and keep prospects engaged. So, discovering the right message that will resonate with a prospect is critical.

And even more, sales people need to know whether those messages are resonating with prospects. Did they look at your content and share it with their colleagues? Knowing the answer to that question let’s a team spot the hottest prospects and reinvigorate conversations that aren’t progressing. You need to be a trusted advisor, and having quick access to sales tools that support that advisor status is critical.

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