Hubspot Blog Offers a Taste of Content Selling

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05 Sep Hubspot Blog Offers a Taste of Content Selling

Content Selling Enables Sales and Buyers

Hubspot Blog Offers a Taste of Content Selling. Content Selling Enables Sales and Buyers.

Hubspot’s Niti Shah, wrote an interesting blog post about how sales teams can engage prospects and advance sales engagements by leveraging marketing content. The piece, titled “The Salesperson’s Guide to Sending Prospects the Right Content at the Right Time,” is a nice starting point for salespeople to develop a basic understanding of content selling. For sales professionals seeking a more detailed tutorial on using content to advance new business, read on.

Niti’s post does an excellent job of explaining that content helps nurture prospects through each part of the sales cycle. Content selling enables a salespeople to create a more educated buyer and helps ensure the product or service is a spot-on match for their needs. Niti particularly hits the nail on the head by articulating that sending the right content lets prospects know you understand their specific needs and you’re invested in helping them.

It’s important to consider the sales enablement tools necessary to succeed with content selling. KnowledgeTree, for example, enables salespeople to discover, share and track collateral and other sales tools at the right time. And, importantly, it provides a critical gateway with marketing. A recent survey revealed that marketing often creates collateral in a vacuum, not necessarily addressing the needs of salespeople. This is easily solved with tools that help sales teams deliver feedback to marketing, empowering marketing teams to refine content and create future collateral that better addresses the needs of prospects. Without this critical feedback loop, the content available to sales teams won’t assist with winning new prospects, and the whole model fails.

The importance of sending the right content at the right time to each prospect is also greatly aided by tools. Chances are, your business has more collateral than you even know about. 65% of marketers feel that salespeople are unaware of all the resources that have been created for them. This means that you may think you’re sending out the best available content to advance the sale, but you very likely aren’t. This is where content discover and recommendation features become critical, automatically surfacing content that are most relevant and have produced the best results for other salespeople in your organization. Without a system like this in place, sales teams often default to the same old collateral that they always use, frequently reducing perceived value and resulting in losing the sale to a more content-savvy competitor.

Salespeople experienced in using content know that content selling greatly assists a complex sales cycle. While extremely effective, especially in this age of high demand for fresh and relevant collateral, getting started with content selling requires a deep understanding of the market being sold to. Without this knowledge, sales and marketing will find it difficult to align collateral in the buying process.

If you haven’t seen Niti’s Hubspot blog, you should give it a read. It’s a good starting point and it links to some additionally helpful online resources. Next, dive into our free eBook: “Content Marketing, Meet Content Selling.” This detailed guide provides the practical steps you need to jumpstart your content selling program. It teaches best practices for using your marketing collateral to sell more effectively, how to match content to your selling process, measure which content is most effective for your sales situation and much more.

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