Top Reasons Marketing’s Content isn’t Used by Sales


19 Sep Top Reasons Marketing’s Content isn’t Used by Sales

So, your company is moving quickly with a sales effectiveness strategy built on content marketing collateral. Congratulations! You’re creating content and collateral materials, but running into a few roadblocks. In particular, you find that some of your content is ignored. It’s a serious problem, since un-used content = zero ROI.41infographic

If you’re experiencing this challenge, you’re not alone. A recent KnowledgeTree survey found that 87 percent of marketers believe they provide the right content needed to win sales. When asked the same question, only 66 percent of salespeople agree.  And 41% of salespeople just don’t know which content to use and when, according to the Heinrich Report blog.

There are a number of reasons why your content is simply never used. Once you learn to spot the pitfalls, you can improve your content and get back on track. Here are the top challenges:

Can’t find it

One of the biggest reasons that sales teams don’t use the best marketing collateral is because they simply can’t find it. Whether it’s saved in an obscure location on a network drive or just lost in a sea of uncategorized files, salespeople can’t use what they can’t find. And when you’re trying to win a customer, timing is everything. Salespeople grab collateral they can locate quickly, and your content is getting overlooked again and again.

Missed the memo

In many cases, simple lack of communication is to blame. I’ve heard of numerous instances when marketing neglected to tell sales about a new piece of content. They did their part by creating the collateral, then assumed that salespeople would go look for it in a content management repository. It’s also common to hear that marketing did, in fact, inform the sales team about the new content, but did so in a forgettable way. A note such as “by the way we have a new PDF for you …” in a long email about other topics is not a strong call to action.

Do you speak CRM?

Many salespeople spend their entire day in the CRM software, such as It has all the contact information, notes and resources they need to do their jobs and win sales. If you’re a marketer and you’re wondering why your content is unused, it may be your fault. 84 percent of marketers think they do a good job making collateral easily available, but less than half of salespeople can find what they need. If it can’t be discovered and recommended through the CRM, you’re collateral is likely never going to be used. Figure out how to incorporate content into using solutions such as KnowledgeTree and you’ll see a drastic improvement.

Stuck in the vacuum

The best marketing content is created to address needs of specific industries, buyer profiles and scenarios. A great number of sales teams don’t use content because they aren’t getting the materials that address these needs – because marketing created collateral in a vacuum. Marketing needs to constantly collect feedback from salespeople on each piece of content. Talk to sales about your neglected collateral and incorporate their input. Continuous bi-directional feedback is critical to creating content that’s used again and again.

There’s a Better Solution

When salespeople find the tools they need, it dramatically multiplies win rates. Spot the challenges and help sales teams boost revenue by unlocking the value in the marketing collateral you’ve created. Surface content where sales people live; in the CRM. Our solution for Salesforce users elevates this pain and makes content easy to discover, share, track and report on. Talk to us about  how KnowledgeTree for Salesforce can improve sales effectiveness and help sales enable smarter buyers.

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