10 Values that Content Selling Brings to the Sales Process

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31 Oct 10 Values that Content Selling Brings to the Sales Process

It All Starts When Sales Uses KnowledgeTree

KnowledgeTree dramatically increases the productivity of sales people.  It does that by helping sales teams discover, share, and track great sales content with prospects.  To understand how KnowledgeTree works, let’s look at a common scenario for a sales organization.

Inbound Lead, What’s First?

Dave, an inside sales rep, receives an inbound lead in Salesforce.com.  He opens the lead record and sees that the lead is in the financial services industry and wants information about BPM technology.  Before Dave picks up the phone, he wants to provide a warm-up email with value-added information.  KnowledgeTree recommends thought leadership material that Dave can send.  Dave sees a white paper specific to the lead’s vertical and pain.

Value: Rather than searching for relevant salesforce content on his website or elsewhere, Dave gets the best content automatically filtered for him.

Directly from in the Salesforce.com record Dave can share the content with the prospect.  He simply clicks “share” and he can send a link to the most current version of the white paper.  Dave doesn’t need to worry about attachments being filtered out by spam filters.  KnowledgeTree gives him a unique URL that can be automatically or manually added to an email.

Value: When it’s easy to share powerful content directly from Salesforce, Dave is more likely to share compelling content with his prospects – boosting the value he provides his leads.

Follow-up Call

Dave calls the lead and has a short but productive conversation.  As he’s speaking to the prospect, KnowledgeTree recommends internal sales enablement content that helps.  For instance, Dave can quickly pull up a checklist of qualifying questions so he knows what to ask the lead.

Value: Rather than using out-of-date questions from his desktop Dave gets the most current sales enablement tools – right when he needs it.

Now that Dave has had a good conversation with his prospect he changes the lead status to “Working”.  KnowledgeTree automatically updates the recommended content to match this new status.  Now, he sees case studies and ROI calculators that are relevant to his prospect.  KnowledgeTree automatically logs that the content was shared with his prospect right in the Salesforce activity records.

Value: Instead of sending generic content to a prospect, KnowledgeTree lets Dave find and send content specific to his industry, sales stage, product need, and more.

Value: Administrative overhead is reduced since KnowledgeTree tracks which content was shared with each prospect.  

Warm-Up Cold Prospects

While the conversations had been going great with the prospect, Dave has suddenly not been able to get a hold of his prospect.  Several check-in calls haven’t been returned, so Dave is starting to wonder if this prospect has gone cold.  Dave isn’t sure what to do next, but KnowledgeTree surfaces internal FAQs that give guidance on next steps.

Value: Any kind of external or internal information can be surfaced instantly in Salesforce to provide guidance to reps – videos, internal wikis, competitive guides, and more.

The FAQ from sales leadership suggests that Dave send value-add content to demonstrate his company’s thought leadership position.  KnowledgeTree recommends useful materials to help reinvigorate the account, and Dave sends this content to the lead.

Value: KnowledgeTree helps point out materials that can re-awaken your prospects. 

Dave sends the content to his prospect and within minutes he receives a KnowledgeTree alert.  The alert tells him that his prospect is now looking at the material he sent.  Dave knows that this is the best time to call – when his prospect is actively engaged with his content.  Dave calls, his lead picks up, and the engagement continues to progress.

Value: Sales reps can keep prospects engaged and see the moment they interact with your content – so you know who to contact and when.

Stay in Control of Messaging

Dave has only been on-board for a few weeks and his manager wants to make sure he stays on message.  The manager runs a report in Salesforce that highlights when content gets used by various reps.  He sees that Dave has been using the right content at the right time.  KnowledgeTree gives reps “guard rails” to help them use the right messages – without requiring a heavy-handed approach.

Value: Faster on-boarding of new reps and better guidance for their communications with prospects.

Dave has had a lot of success speaking to prospects and is closing a lot of deals.  Dave’s manager wants to understand what has been working and how he can replicate that with the rest of his team.  Looking at his dashboard, the manager sees that Dave has been using the ROI calculator early in the sales process and has been aggressively using blog content to add value.  Dave’s manager decides to promote these best practices to the rest of the team.

Value: Best practices that drive opportunities can be identified and replicated across the sales team.

With KnowledgeTree and a Content Selling approach, Dave is able to have great conversations with his prospects.  And more engaged prospects translates into more sales for him and his team.

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