Improving Sales Enablement with Salesforce Apps

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24 Jan Improving Sales Enablement with Salesforce Apps

Becca Krass always has great insight into apps on’s AppExchange.  After all, she curates the site and has a perfect position to spot interesting technology that helps users of

Today she had an excellent post looking at three categories of tools for sales enablement.  It’s a great set of tools that she picks out — in fact, we use tools for each of these categories ourselves and are customers of DocuSign and

The focus of the tools is on how to make sales professionals more effective.  And the three categories are important ones:

– How do you increase your call volume?  That’s critical for teams that do outbound calling to qualify leads or generate meetings.  Tools in this space automate many tasks that, when multiplied, consume huge volumes of time: leaving messages, dialing, etc.  Over the course of a day you’re saving an hour by automating the call process.  Not to mention the qualitative benefits of consistent messaging and faster response times to leads.

We’ve seen the results first-hand.  Our outbound sales reps are able to call 30% more prospects and are able to deliver consistent, targeted voice mails to people that they can’t connect with due to sales enablement.  Plus, KnowledgeTree’s own application is built in  So, our sales team can combine their outbound calling with the delivery of targeted content to their prospects from KnowledgeTree’s app.

– How do you increase motivation among sales pros?  Managers need to know how their team is performing — who’s generating new opportunities and closing business.  And every sales person wants to get on the leaderboard.  But there are a lot of steps that happen before a deal is closed.  Tools that gamify important steps along the sales process help encourage sales teams to get even more results.  It’s fun to see your name up on the board.

Dashboarding and gamification are remarkably useful for supporting these processes.  We use our KnowledgeTree app to see which sales teams are sharing particular content with prospects and how frequently it is being consumed.  That allows our sales team to see best practices for content sharing, and to know if they need to pick up the pace relative to their peers when it comes to sharing useful content with prospects.

– How do you make it easy to sign a contract?  Becca calls out the importance of using tools like DocuSign to accelerate the contracting process.  This is a great tool not only for making it easy to sign, but also for getting insight into the signing process.  Did a signatory change?  Did someone view the contract but then not sign it?  This kind of data is very useful to know so you can direct your buyer.

We find our customers telling us that getting to the contracting stage can be accelerated by helping internal teams build better business cases up-front.  When the vice president of marketing that’s supposed to sign a contract has compelling content on the value of your product at hand, they’re going to sign faster.

As always, apps for Salesforce make an already powerful experience even stronger.  Understand your go-to-market pains and try out tools that can help.  The ecosystem is so strong that you’re almost guaranteed to find an app to solve your challenge.

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