The Greatest Piece of Marketing Collateral Ever This Week Award

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18 Mar The Greatest Piece of Marketing Collateral Ever This Week Award

Yes, this week’s winner is a piece of content. It is a piece of content marketing about Content Marketing. Specifically, it looks at how to use content as a tool in your growth hacking kit. It’s a great match for KISSmetrics and their focus. After all, analytics are an essential part of growth hacks, helping you to see which hacks are actually working.

This piece of content takes the form of a blog post. In classic listicle fashion, the article uses a variety of examples from technology companies to highlight different winning approaches to marketing your content marketing.

There are 5 examples used in the blog post, plus a cool list of 8 attributes of a Content Hacker’s DNA. But if I were to summarize the take aways from the piece, I’d say there are two. First, delight your audience. Delight can take many forms: it could be a surprising twist through something funny and unexpected, like the Hotmail example they site. Or, delight can be to provide useful, informative, and unbiased information to your audience.

Often delight hinges on context. Something lighthearted amidst seriousness can really stand-out. Like the previously highlighted Wistia videos that are always a laugh. Or a useful nugget of information in amongst hundreds of pieces of fluff can be especially delightful. Like the folks at Klipfolio who write extensively on how to present data from sources like

The second key takeaway for me is measurement. Even the fun, irreverent growth hacks were rooted in measurements. After all, anyone can push an attention grabbing piece of content onto the Internet. But did it affect the numbers you care about? Did it lead to more visitors, more registrations, more sales?

So, as I finish this piece of content marketing about a piece of content marketing about content marketing, I’ll raise my meta-meta-glass to you, KISSmetrics.

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