The Greatest Piece of Marketing Content Ever this Week Award

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11 Mar The Greatest Piece of Marketing Content Ever this Week Award

We’ve been having a lot of fun highlighting great pieces of Marketing Content.  Marketers know content is not a monolithic concept.  It differs based on the message you want to communicate, the context of your reader, and other elements.  A technical white paper may not resonate with an early-stage buyer in a non-technical role.

That’s where light-hearted, funny materials can be part of your mix.  They tend to have a greater propensity toward virality.  But going viral is not always the goal.  The aim may be simply to show an accessible side of your company and create a personal connection with your audience.

That’s what Marketo did when they produced “The Big Marketing Activity Coloring Book”.  Hearkening back to the classic activity books of our youth, the book includes mazes, coloring templates, and wink, wink, tips on content marketing and marketing automation.

Did they expect marketers to pull out their crayons and start coloring in the book?  Well, probably not.  But that’s beside the point.  It highlights the fun side of Marketo and emphasizes the fact that Content Marketers and Marketing Automation pros can have a lot of fun when using the Marketo platform.

Now excuse me, I have a maze to finish.

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