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email templates
Email Templates Support Sales Conversations

Your team knows how effective sales enablement content is. It builds trust and consensus among buyers. KnowledgeTree pushes the most relevant sales enablement content to sales people so they share the most effective piece to use in any sales situation. What happens next? Traditionally, when a...

sales enablement
Who Owns Sales Enablement? The Relevant and the Timely

Another strong piece from Sales Benchmark Index’s expert Eric Estrella. He makes a compelling case for “Who Owns Sales Enablement”, putting forward sales itself. It’s a well-timed post, as many sales organizations are wrapping up their quarters and heading into QBRs where sales enablement is...

email templates
Email Templates: Boost Sales by Controlling Messages

Marketing content helps sales communicate your value efficiently. It’s a sales enablement powerhouse because it’s standardized, shareable, and clearly influences sales. But those great case studies and videos can fail if you’re missing a key element. How do sales people share content with prospects? Email. How do sales...