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The Silliness of Not Measuring
The Silliness of Not Measuring

HubSpot recently picked up on an infographic we developed contrasting the use of content through the funnel. When putting the infographic together we came up with a snappy neologism, content selling, to name the use of content at the mid- to bottom of the funnel. That is,...

Four Solid Sales Enablement Metrics to Use
Four Solid Sales Enablement Metrics

Sales Enablement has caught a lot of attention this year as a way to drive revenue. As with any initiative, it’s critical that you can measure results so you can adjust budget and invest in winning actions. You can’t improve what you can’t quantify. Yet only...

Sales Enablement Success
KnowledgeTree Expands Executive Team to Capitalize on 2014 Success

KnowledgeTree, a provider of software that helps enterprises sell more, has expanded its leadership team to build on rising momentum. Adoption by innovative, high-growth sales organizations has driven outstanding quarter-over-quarter results in 2014. KnowledgeTree has added three key executives to take advantage of this growth...

Sales Enablement Plan
Your 2015 Sales Enablement Plan

2015 is the year of Sales Enablement! What is Sales Enablement? It's a set of processes that equip your sales team with best practice tools and content that help them sell more.    Download your copy here. Why is Sales Enablement Important? Sales organizations with multiple products, geographies, personas, and industries recognize...

Sales Success
The Biggest Inhibitor of Sales Success in 2014

If you don’t already read Tamara Schenk’s Sales Enablement blog, definitely do yourself a favor and take a look. She always has informative and often challenging information to read to help boost the effectiveness of your sales team. A post from Tamara on LinkedIn Pulse today...