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SalesLoft Rainmaker 2015 – Sales Development Conference Recap

Last week SalesLoft, a hyper-growth (and hyper interesting) sales software company in Atlanta, hosted its first major industry conference. It focused on inside sales and sales development (SDR) teams. With 250+ attendees, including some of the top thinkers and practitioners in the sales space, it was a feast of learning for sales management and sales […]

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Sales Enablement for Your Core Sales Teams

Every sales organization can be divided into top performers, under performers, and your core sales team in the middle. Research from the Aberdeen Group looked at these three groups and found some striking outcomes for each set of sales people. Top sales performers, those that exceeded quota, comprised about 21% of the average team. While […]

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Turning Forgotten Sales Decks Into SlideShare Gold

In most B2B sales organizations, sales decks or slide presentations are a critical tool for connecting with prospects. These decks generally do a good job of summarizing who your business is and what value it offers, and they act as an easily-sharable asset that prospects can distribute to other stakeholders within their own organization. But […]

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Sales Enablement Panel Discussion

In a game of percentages even minor enhancements can have major impacts. Look at your sales funnel. Improving the conversion rate of your prospects into leads or opportunities into closed won by even a small fraction can translate into major effects. That’s why an upcoming panel hosted by KnowledgeTree CTO and Founder Daniel Chalef is […]

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End the Guesswork: Identify (and Deliver) the Right Content Types for the Right Buyer Stage

When most B2B marketers and salespeople consider which content formats align best with prospects at various stages of their journey, the decision process is almost always chock full of hypotheticals. For instance, Buyer A is just beginning to understand they have a content organization problem and its beginning to explore potential solutions for it. Naturally, […]

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