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How to Stop Sales Teams from Asking the Most Annoying Question in the World


As B2B marketing budgets and buzzwords have increased over the years, and much has been made about significant gains in sales and marketing alignment, there remains a feeling in many sales organizations that marketing teams still aren’t all that helpful. Sure, marketing might get an occasional pat on the back for generating a big batch […]

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QuickPlays Support Sales Conversations with Best Practice Messages

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Today’s B2B buyers don’t want sales people that simply push products. They want experts that help them to navigate the buying process. But according to Forrester, 61% of buyers felt that the sales people they work with add no value. When sales people provide expert guidance to a buyer they don’t just add value to […]

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B2B Marketers: Here’s What You Can Do to Improve Sales Execution in 2015

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Sales enablement has quickly become a big buzzword in the B2B sales and marketing world, but how many companies are actually doing it? And, more importantly, how many are doing it effectively? The good news is that several recent studies indicate that sales enablement investment and adoption is rapidly on the rise — with one […]

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Four Solid Sales Enablement Metrics to Use

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Sales Enablement has caught a lot of attention this year as a way to drive revenue. As with any initiative, it’s critical that you can measure results so you can adjust budget and invest in winning actions. You can’t improve what you can’t quantify.   Yet only 40% of sales enablement programs are measured, according […]

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KnowledgeTree Expands Executive Team to Capitalize on 2014 Success


KnowledgeTree, a provider of software that helps enterprises sell more, has expanded its leadership team to build on rising momentum. Adoption by innovative, high-growth sales organizations has driven outstanding quarter-over-quarter results in 2014. KnowledgeTree has added three key executives to take advantage of this growth and continue to scale. Chris Atkinson joins KnowledgeTree as its […]

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