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Sales Enablement and Meeting in the Middle

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Peter Ostrow and the team at Aberdeen always put together great research around Sales Enablement. A blog post from August 11 looks at an interesting take-away from some of his most recent research. It found that even at high performing companies, sales and marketing leadership only meet 5-6 times a year to coordinate strategies. Sales […]

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The Real Innovation in Sales and Marketing

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It’s a good time to be in sales and marketing.  The pace of innovation among platform and tool vendors is staggering.  Long-held pains like prospect data quality and sales pipeline analytics are now commonly tackled. The speed of development in this space triggered a healthy industry debate about where the sales and marketing divide lies […]

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50+ Twitter Accounts Every Sales Enablement Professional Must Follow


Sales Enablement thought leaders are a great bunch. They produce a ton of great content and are keen to share best practices with colleagues, fellow practitioners, and sales enablement enthusiasts. In fact, we rely on their thinking a lot in our blog. To help spread the word about great sales enablement content, we compiled a […]

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3 Problems Your Sales Team Has with Your Sales Collateral

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As many of you may know, there exists a great divide between sales and marketing. The divide is so great, in fact, that 41% of salespeople don’t know which marketing content to use, how to use it, or when to use it. The end result is ill-equipped sales teams within our businesses, looking for sales collateral […]

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Sales Portals: If You Build It, Will They Come Back?


The marketing content you produce doesn’t do any good if it doesn’t get into the hands of your targets. So, ask yourself what is your distribution channel for your materials? As I talked about in an earlier post, there are a lot of important channels for your content. But one that is too often ignored […]

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