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Recommend Sales Enablement
Content that Performs

If you’re like most sales enablement and marketing organizations you produce a lot of content. And you’ve likely seen the – sobering – statistic that 70% of content never gets used. In previous posts I looked into the 70% from the perspective of ensuring that sales people can discover relevant content. But a feature from […]

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5 Keys to a Successful Product Launch Most Marketers Forget

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You’ve prepared your product launch for weeks. Careful market analysis led to a great business plan. The business plan was put into effect with a ready-to-ship product. Your marketing plan took shape, and you’re ready to unleash your marketing and tell the world! Press release? Check. Social strategy? Tweet. Marketing content update? Check. But if […]

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Can You Identify Your Company’s Content Marketing Gaps?

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When MarketingProfs and the Content Marketing Institute released its “B2B Content Marketing: 2014 Budgets, Benchmarks, and Trends” report, the survey revealed an incredible – if not totally unsurprising – statistic: Currently, more than 93 percent of B2B companies are using content marketing. A recent eMarketer report published similar data, but also found that nearly two-thirds […]

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Lip Service or Core Strategy: Is Your Business Really Committed to Sales Enablement?

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Despite many B2B companies beginning to buy into the modern belief that every team in an organization plays a role in revenue generation, many non-sales functions continue to scoff at the idea. To them, sales enablement is a buzzword – a trendy initiative being forced down their throats by management that, in time, will ultimately […]

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Feature: Deliver the Right Marketing Content to the Right Team

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Marketing and sales enablement pros are experts at segmenting content to speak to different audiences in their target markets. But what’s often overlooked is that the segmentation of audiences should also apply to internal teams. Let me give you a real-world sales enablement example. Sales Enablement Requires Internal Segmentation Your product marketing team has just […]

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