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The Buffet Slide Deck: Lessons for Marketing and Sales Enablement from Golden Corral

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If you’re a sales enablement or marketing professional you likely have a buffet deck. Bursting with dozens, or even hundreds of slides, these presentations are meant to serve as broad a segment of your customers as possible. Of course they’re not meant to all be used. That’s why they’re a buffet, after all. You’ll have […]

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4 Ways Sales Enablement (and Marketing) Can Help Sales

Sales Enablement is the hot go-to-market topic of 2014-2015. It’s all about equipping sales people with content and tools to help advance opportunities to close. Last week I had the chance to co-present on Sales Enablement with KnowledgeTree customer Brian Groth from Xactly. It was a great session at the Open Lounge during Dreamforce. I’ve […]

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Email Templates Support Sales Conversations

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Your team knows how effective sales enablement content is. It builds trust and consensus among buyers. KnowledgeTree pushes the most relevant sales enablement content to sales people so they share the most effective piece to use in any sales situation. What happens next? Traditionally, when a sales person wants to share content they’ll send via […]

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Are Your Slide Presentations Putting Prospects to Sleep? Try This Instead

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You’ve spent days (maybe weeks) creating the perfect slide presentation for a big sales meeting with a huge prospect. It’s packed with data, designed with visual interest in mind, and chalk full of interesting information that you’re sure will convince the customer to move forward. So, when you arrive at the meeting, open up the […]

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Automatically Generate Custom Presentations – The PerfectPitch

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Every interaction a sales person has with a prospect should be advancing a deal. That means that each email, presentation, or conversation needs to be relevant and impactful for the prospect. That’s a sales enablement imperative. Presentations are a primary tool for sales people to connect with prospects. Slide decks summarize and, well, present your […]

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