February 3, 2014

Peter Mollins KnowledgeTree Integrates with Box

Written By: Peter Mollins

New Integration Surfaces the Most Relevant Content for Any Sales Situation – Right in Salesforce.com

RALEIGH, NC – Feb. 4, 2014 – Today, KnowledgeTree announced that it has integrated its Content Selling solution with Box. The new integration enables sales and marketing teams to match content saved on the Box platform with their lead, opportunity, and contact records in Salesforce.com, helping them provide customers and prospects with the most relevant and engaging materials.

A recent report by DemandGen found that 95 percent of enterprise buyers chose the vendor that supplied them with compelling content. That means marketing teams must give sales ready access to the presentations, papers, and other content that can help turn prospects into customers. KnowledgeTree’s integration with Box makes it easy to surface the best content for any sales situation, by giving sales teams access to the relevant content that matches the industry, persona, sales stage, and other attributes of their Salesforce.com records.

“Content is the most powerful way for sales teams to engage their prospects in meaningful conversations,” said Daniel Chalef, CEO of KnowledgeTree. “By integrating with a collaboration platform, like Box, used by thousands of marketing teams, KnowledgeTree surfaces the best content for any sales scenario to your sales people.

October 1, 2013

Free Virtual Sales Summit to Help You Make and Break Your Quota

Written By: KnowledgeTree Team

Sales is Undergoing a Historic Transformation

Today’s sales leaders are re-thinking their approaches to virtually everything. Education on new strategies, techniques and tools are proving to be the competitive edge for sales teams. And we’re here to help.

On October 2, 2013 at 12pm Eastern, KnowledgeTree is co-sponsoring the Funnelholic Virtual Sales Management Summit, a free webinar where you can learn about cutting-edge sales strategies that are producing results for the highest-performing teams in the world. The webinar will teach you strategies and tactics that are proven to help make and break your numbers.

You’ll learn from some of the brightest, most forward-thinking sales thought leaders. Their goal: Teach something new that you can begin executing immediately. The lineup of experts includes:

  • Scott Albro: When you think of Scott, think of Buying Experiences. Scott is a Startup exec and veteran in building great companies. He’s currently the CEO of CEO of TOPO. Scott is passionate about building remarkable “Buying Experiences.” His company, TOPO, is a consulting firm that helps sales and marketing design and deliver great buying experiences. Companies that deliver great buying experiences grow 2X faster than those that don’t. Scott is the expert in this field.
  • S. Anthony Iannarino: A well-known thought leader on selling and sales management, you probably know S.
July 25, 2013

SandHill.com: KnowledgeTree Enables Sales Teams to Discover Content That Wins Deals

Written By: KnowledgeTree Team

Editor’s note: “Sales teams today are crying out for technology that enables them to more effectively sell to more educated customers,” says Daniel Chalef, CEO of KnowledgeTree, which provides customers with sales and marketing enablement tools. He explains how his company’s cloud-based product erases the divide between sales and marketing. He also gives tips to startups transitioning to the United States.

SandHill.com: What business challenges were you trying to address when you initially launched KnowledgeTree?

Daniel Chalef: Our aim was to help our customers solve challenges around driving value through their content generation. To do that, we built a content management application, which we delivered as an on-premises, open source document management product. 

Then we started to focus on solving a specific problem for sales and marketing organizations. Today we enable sales teams to discover content that wins deals. We also help sales and marketing leadership understand what content is resonating in the field and help them ensure that their sales organization remains on message.

The content covers customer-facing content such as datasheets, case studies, white papers and other allied materials as well as sales enablement material such as call scripts, ROI calculators and pricing calculators.

There is a huge sea change in how sales organizations are structured today.

June 5, 2013

Peter Mollins MediaPost: The Rise Of Content Selling

Written By: Peter Mollins

Content marketing has changed the ways that businesses sell to a B2B audience. In the process, marketing has learned how content builds awareness and accelerates customers though the sales funnel. Now, we are seeing a rapid increase in the trend of sales teams also relying on content as a powerful tool, based on the lessons learned from content marketing. This is content selling.

Content marketing has helped generate awareness and interest through thoughtful, entertaining, and engaging content. But sales teams need to similarly deliver great content. After all, buyers are increasingly disconnected from the sales team throughout the selling process. That means that each engagement must be high value. And it means that buyers need to have useful content to build their business case internally.

Read more: http://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/200086/the-rise-of-content-selling.html