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  • Starting at 25 users
  • Up to 250 Content Assets
  • Free beta access to PerfectPitch slide assembly
  • QuickPlays sales best practice technology
  • Keep your content in Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, YouTube, Vimeo, or on the Web.
  • Support for standard objects
  • Online KnowledgeBase and chat-based customer support


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  • Starting at 50 users
  • Up to 500 content assets
  • All the value of Team plus:
  • PerfectPitch slide assembly included
  • Multi-team functionality
  • Email templates
  • Advanced analytics
  • Enhanced Marketo integration
  • Additional support for 2 custom objects
  • Phone-based customer support


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  • Starting at 50 users
  • Unlimited content assets
  • All the value of Innovator plus:
  • Support for Enterprise Content Management applications
  • Support for unlimited custom objects
  • 24/7 customer support
  KnowledgeTree lets you leapfrog several steps ahead. Content is surfaced intelligently based on the stage of the sales cycle, new collateral can be introduced without having to instruct anyone, and excellent reporting makes oversight and smart decisions easy.    Dimitri OnistsukDirector of Marketing, Shipwire

Sales Enablement That Drives Winning Conversations

Does KnowledgeTree require a Account?

Yes, a account is required. It allows sales users to get the best matched content for any sales situation.

Will reps be required to learn a new way of doing their jobs?

No, sales reps continue to use the tools, like, that they know. And when they share content with prospects, they use their default mail client, like Outlook or Gmail. The only process we change is that now reps won’t be struggling to find relevant content when they need it most.

Does KnowledgeTree work with my marketing automation tool (Marketo etc)?

KnowledgeTree collects a rich set of data related to how your sales reps, and prospects, utilize your content. You now have the opportunity to extend your understanding of prospect, and content, analytics through the bottom of the funnel (and closer to revenue). KnowledgeTree integrates with a number of popular marketing automation technologies to make this happen.

Will we be forced to put all content in a single place?

No! You can keep your content in your existing repository, like Box, YouTube, or your website. That means no uploading to yet-another repository. And at the same time your sales team gets a single view into all of your sales enablement content.

What happens when we update content?

KnowledgeTree always uses your latest content. When you update a file in Box, DropBox, Google Drive, on your website, or other sources, your sales team, and prospects, always see the latest file.

Does KnowledgeTree support using our custom Salesforce fields?

Yes, you may use any standard or custom field on a Salesforce object for building your discovery rules.

How long does it take to implement KnowledgeTree?

KnowledgeTree can be implemented in less than a day, and additional content and discovery rules can be incrementally implemented over time.

Can internal sales tools and content be distributed via KnowledgeTree?

Alongside marketing-originated content, KnowledgeTree can be used to surface ROI calculators, template proposals, competitive tear sheets, playbook support content etc. The content may be stored on wikis, file sharing services, SharePoint and other sources.