March 18, 2014

Peter Mollins The Greatest Piece of Marketing Collateral Ever This Week Award

Written By: Peter Mollins

Yes, this week’s winner is a piece of content. It is a piece of content marketing about Content Marketing. Specifically, it looks at how to use content as a tool in your growth hacking kit. It’s a great match for KISSmetrics and their focus. After all, analytics are an essential part of growth hacks, helping you to see which hacks are actually working.

This piece of content takes the form of a blog post. In classic listicle fashion, the article uses a variety of examples from technology companies to highlight different winning approaches to marketing your content marketing.

There are 5 examples used in the blog post, plus a cool list of 8 attributes of a Content Hacker’s DNA. But if I were to summarize the take aways from the piece, I’d say there are two. First, delight your audience. Delight can take many forms: it could be a surprising twist through something funny and unexpected, like the Hotmail example they site. Or, delight can be to provide useful, informative, and unbiased information to your audience.

Often delight hinges on context. Something lighthearted amidst seriousness can really stand-out. Like the previously highlighted Wistia videos that are always a laugh. Or a useful nugget of information in amongst hundreds of pieces of fluff can be especially delightful.

February 5, 2014

Susan Parrish You’re Minutes from Content Selling Nirvana

Written By: Susan Parrish

I love helping companies start to use KnowledgeTree. They’ve struggled for a long time with trying to get great content into their sales teams’ hands. Showing them how quickly they can go from ‘Start’ to seeing the value of getting content matched to their records is exciting not only for me, but also for my customers.

Here are some simple ways to get started with content selling, and to be successful in user adoption of not only KnowledgeTree, but also Salesforce.

1. Pick your most popular or most complete content and publish it all.
Ask your Sales team what they think works the best right now and what they use the most.  Giving them input and publishing the content they already use gets them engaged and immediately allows them to gain access to start discovery, sharing, and tracking. You can focus on curating next.

2. Keep your curation simple.
Curation lets you match your content to the sales situations that the content speaks to.  So, a great financial services case study can match to opportunities in the Banking industry, for example.  Curation is easy in KnowledgeTree.

Start by asking your sales or marketing team how they segment their prospects.  Getting their input helps with their buy in.

August 6, 2013

Peter Mollins How One Company Added $7 million in Sales

Written By: Peter Mollins

KnowledgeTree Case Study - Software AG
Every sales person wants an edge. A secret weapon that lets them sell more — a lot more. We’ve seen our own customers do exactly that. Software AG, one of the world’s largest software companies, doubled the win rate of a key team. They added $7 million in additional sales. How? Here’s the case study … and let’s take a look.

Know What Content Works

if your company is like most, you likely have dozens or even hundreds of sales enablement tools. ROI calculators, datasheets, white papers, videos, and more. Which piece of content should you use in a given sales situation? Where can you find it? For most sales people that’s a struggle. They simply can’t find it.

Software AG recognized this challenge. They decided to make it easy for their sales team to know what content works in any sales situation. When armed with the right sales and marketing materials their sales people multiplied their effectiveness. That meant that they could message to their prospects even more effectively.

Plus, Software AG tracked which sales tools worked in different selling situations. If a piece of content were more effective in one situation they used it again. Not working? That sales content was eliminated.

July 8, 2013

Content Selling Primer: The eBook

Written By: KnowledgeTree Team

Welcome to a New Age of Sales and Marketing Alignment

Content Marketing, Meet Content Selling - KnowledgeTree eBook
Content selling is the hottest tactic in sales, but many are still new to the concept. Some ask, “What exactly is Content Selling? How can I get my head around it quickly? How do I start, on even the most basic level, implement this idea and see results?”

These are all good questions. Through conversations with industry analysts and our customers, we’ve created a free eBook that puts all the latest knowledge in one place, “Content Marketing, Meet Content Selling.”

If you’re new to Content Selling, you have to understand that sales has changed forever. Traditional selling has been altered by easy access to social media and online analysis, opinions and other data. Business buyers can intelligently select products with only minimal interaction with salespeople.

Content Selling is the new partner of Content Marketing. Content Selling takes advantage of the lessons of Content Marketing so sales can use content to sell more effectively. In the eBook, you’ll learn how the two sides of content can work together. You’ll learn how sales teams can use content in their day-to-day activities and how marketing can constantly improve content to boost sales effectiveness.