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Harness Persuasive Messaging to Amplify Marketing Collateral for Sales


Over the course of the last decade, B2B content marketing has come a long way. Today, the vast majority of businesses are using content in some way to create brand awareness, facilitate the buyer’s journey, and accelerate the sales process – and many companies are recognizing significant returns on those investments. In fact, according to […]

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Creating Powerful Content that Appeals to Buyer Emotions and Logic


Ask most marketers or salespeople about the roles of emotion and logic in the sales process, and they’ll likely tell you that customers buy on emotion and justify those decisions with logic. That perception has been around so long, in fact, that most content marketers (and the sales teams they work with) simply accept it […]

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The Greatest Piece of Marketing Collateral Ever This Week Award


Yes, this week’s winner is a piece of content. It is a piece of content marketing about Content Marketing. Specifically, it looks at how to use content as a tool in your growth hacking kit. It’s a great match for KISSmetrics and their focus. After all, analytics are an essential part of growth hacks, helping […]

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You’re Minutes from Content Selling Nirvana


I love helping companies start to use KnowledgeTree. They’ve struggled for a long time with trying to get great content into their sales teams’ hands. Showing them how quickly they can go from ‘Start’ to seeing the value of getting content matched to their records is exciting not only for me, but also for […]

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How One Company Added $7 million in Sales

KnowledgeTree Case Study - Software AG

Every sales person wants an edge. A secret weapon that lets them sell more — a lot more. We’ve seen our own customers do exactly that. Software AG, one of the world’s largest software companies, doubled the win rate of a key team. They added $7 million in additional sales. How? Here’s the case study … and let’s take a look.

Know What Content Works

if your company is like most, you likely have dozens or even hundreds of sales enablement tools. ROI calculators, datasheets, white papers, videos, and more. Which piece of content should you use in a given sales situation? Where can you find it? For most sales people that’s a struggle. They simply can’t find it.

Software AG recognized this challenge. They decided to make it easy for their sales team to know what content works in any sales situation. When armed with the right sales and marketing materials their sales people multiplied their effectiveness. That meant that they could message to their prospects even more effectively.

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