Amadani Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Wiki

Amadani is one of the distinguished Instagram celebrities who became famous because of posting alluring and magnificent posts on her Instagram account. From an early stage of life, she used to do modeling and later decided to make her career in the same field. Nowadays, there are lots of people who are earning from different social media platforms, and Amadani is one of them.

She loves making short videos, capturing stylish pictures, and posting vlogs of herself to entertain millions of her followers, lovers, and supporters. Not just a celebrity but she is a person with a beautiful heart. Well, to know more details about her personal life, career, education, and family background you need to read the article. You will surely get all the information you are looking for, regarding Amadani.




Amadani is a famous YouTuber, Instagrammer, Content creator, and TikToker, who has won over the hearts of many people, born on 22nd October 1992. She belongs to the town of Stockholm, Sweden, and is known as a notable Swedish model. Her zodiac sign is Capricorn according to her date of birth. Millions of people follow and like the pictures that she shares on her Instagram account.

When Amadani was young she followed modeling and had a great fashion sense due to which she turned out to be a famous public figure having millions of followers. She used to post pictures on Instagram, and those pictures became viral and gained popularity in a very short time. Amadani is also known as a Twitch star as she took part in the play ‘’Little Nightmare II’’, which hit millions of likes and views.

Amadani has a great fashion sense and wears clothes from different brands to promote them. She does not talk much about her family but often she says that she loves her family so much. She is a very friendly and soft-hearted person. Amadani is super intelligent and completed her graduation with good grades. She worked hard to reach this stage of her life.

Amadani Height, Weight, and Looks

If I talk about her looks then she is really beautiful and has a curvy body figure, which is ideal for modeling. When she puts on makeup she looks even more beautiful as her facial features become more prominent and notable. Her fashion sense is so good that whatever she wears suits her, and presents an attractive, and appealing look. Her height is approximately 5 feet 6 inches, while her body weight is 57 kg. She maintains her body weight in order to present the perfect body figure.

Amadani Age, Marital Status, and Net Worth


Amadani has been known as a social media celebrity for a very long time. She started working as a model when she was young and still does when she is almost 28 years of age. She had a boyfriend when she was 22, and she was in a relationship with him for a long time. He was a YouTuber and together they both used to make videos. Now, she is married but she does not have any children yet. Being a public figure she earns a good salary and lives a good life while her total net worth is about $400k.

Amadani Life, And Hobbies

Amadani lives a good, stable, and independent life. She earns a good amount of money and spends more on her luxuries. Other than modeling, fashion, and video making she loves traveling and is fond of photography. She is a very social person, and loves meeting, and spending time with different people.

She has a smiley face and a heart of gold. Besides that, she loves cooking on weekends or on vacations. After cooking food she watches movies, or TV series to spend a good quality time. She loves pets and has a dog. She often hangs out with her friends and does shopping together.


Who is Amadani?


Amadani is a Swedish Instagram model who lives in Sweden and inspires thousands of people because of her work and aesthetic sense of fashion. She is 28 years of age and built her career according to her life goals and living a satisfactory, and perfect life. Millions of people are following her on her social media accounts and praise her for her stunning work.

Is Amadani married?

Amadani was in a relationship with a YouTuber for a longer period of time and both of them used to make videos and spent a good time together. Now, she is happily married but hasn’t revealed the name of the person yet as she keeps her family private from the social media world.

When is the birthday of Amadani?

Amadani was born on October 22nd, and it’s the day she celebrates her birthday each year. She is a lively person who lives and enjoys every moment of her life. Also, she shares her moments with her fans too.


In the end, I would like to say that it’s your passion that helps you to achieve the goals of your life. Amadani did the same, once she came to know her internet in fashion she worked hard in the same field to make her career and life. And now, she earns well and lives the life she always wanted. I hope that you have got some good information related to Amadani and my article has answered your questions too. Thanks for Reading!