Create, discover, and recommend content that doubles prospect engagement.


The first complete Sales Asset Management platform.

Push Relevant, Winning Content to Reps

Sales people want great content. KnowledgeTree helps them use sales assets that win. Rich data on content performance lets creators build content that reps need and prospects want.


Create Content 22% Faster

Centralize Content in the Cloud

Store sales assets in a single, powerful, cloud-based portal. No ignored or lost content. Your content has a home.

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KnowledgeTree Sales Enablement Software

Organize Content for Discovery

Structure content by folders and tags. Assign custom or pre-built metadata to make content discovery a snap.

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Equip Every Team

Review, Approve Content

Assign tasks, track content completion, and keep projects moving fast. Construct workflows to govern reviews and approvals.

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Discover and Use 3x More Content


Share Content Quickly

Download content with a click for easy re-use. Or, share content with colleagues and prospects in seconds.

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Distribute Content Socially

Share content with prospects via social media with a click. Add and track recommended content in your favorite bulk email tool.

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Access Content Anywhere

Search or browse for content — via a browser or mobile device. Smart searching within content and metadata makes discovery easy.

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Auto Assemble Presentations

Control Access to Content

Open content to the right sales teams — and keep drafts locked down. Grant access to field and channel partners with confidence.

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Recommend Content that’s 2x More Effective


Push Best Practice Content from Anywhere

Identify top-performing content by sales situation. High scoring content comes to reps via email and

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Recommend by Records

Match external and training content with any lead, account, opportunity, and more. Reps use the right content for every sales situation.

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Prove Content ROI

Measure content’s revenue impact. Identify which content drives sales and which assets to invest in next with powerful analytics.

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Fast ROI