Biker Rings And Fingers – What Does Each One Symbolise?

When you think about biker rings, you might think of a symbol of power and privilege. But what does each one actually symbolise? In this article, we will take a closer look at the meanings behind different types of them. From Viking warrior symbolism to Celtic knot-tying tips, read on to learn more about the unique symbolism behind these gems.

What Does a Biker Ring Symbolize?

They are a common sight on fingers around the world, but what does each one symbolize? According to superstition, some of the most popular symbols include the cross (for protection), the dragon (for strength and power), and the pentacle (for spiritual protection). However, not all of them carry these same symbolism. For example, some bikers wear peace signs as a show of solidarity with opposing gangs, while others prefer skulls and bones because they believe it brings bad luck. Ultimately, it’s up to each rider to decide what their band means to them. Read moreĀ about this on this website.

What do Biker Rings Mean to Different Groups of People?


The meaning of the different types of them is not always clear to everyone. Here we take a look at the symbolism associated with each type of it and what it may mean to different groups of people.

There are a number of different types of biker rings for men, but the most common are the band, and the club ones. The band one is typically worn on the fourth finger and is seen as a sign of membership or affiliation with a motorcycle club. The club ring, which is usually worn on the middle finger, is seen as a sign of status within that particular motorcycle club.

For women, there are a number of different types of them, but the most common are the friendship ring and Lady Godiva’s Ring. The friendship one is typically worn on either hand and signs that you are friends with other members of your motorcycle group or club. Lady Godiva’s Ring is a bit more unique in that it doesn’t have any specific meaning associated with it, but is instead symbolic of freedom and independence.

What does an ace of spades ring mean?

The ace of spades is one of the most popular biker rings in the world, and it’s not hard to see why. The card has a number of symbolic meanings, mainly good luck and fortune. It can also represent death, however this dark side is mainly associated with the meaning of the card in traditional tarot readings.

Celtic inspired rings


There are many different types of Celtic circlets, each with its own unique meaning. One popular type of it is the side ring, which is made up of two bands that wrap around the fingers. The bands represent earth, water and fire, and the continuous line between them represents love, unity and eternal life.

Other popular ones include the eternity ring and the triquetra. The infinity features a band that goes around the entire finger and ends in a point at the back. The triquetra is made up of three bands that touch each other at one point on the finger. Each band symbolizes one of the elements: earth, air and water.

Skull Rings

There are a lot of different types of them, and each one has its own meaning. Here’s a look at some of the most popular skull rings and what they signify:

The Skull & Bones: This is probably the most well-known type of skull ring. It’s typically worn by people in the motorcycle community who associate it with the Yale University secret society known as Skull & Bones. The symbolism behind the skull & bones is that it represents strength, unity, and progress.

The Grim Reaper: This is another typically worn by bikers in the motorcycle community. It usually features a skeleton with a scythe in hand or clutching an hourglass. The grim reaper symbolizes death, but also means that you’re accepting your fate and ready for whatever comes your way.

The Devil’s Triangle: This particular one features three circles superimposed on top of one another – symbolizing the devil’s triangle. It’s often worn by those who are interested in dark occultism or Satanism, or to show their affiliation with these beliefs.

Biker Club Rings


Biker clubs can be quite distinctive in their styles and symbols. Here we look at the different types of them that are often worn by bikers as well as what each one might symbolise.

The first type of it is the club ring. This is the most common type of it and is worn by members of a particular motorcycle club. It typically has the name or logo of the club inscribed on it, as well as other symbols or designs that represent the club such as flames, stars or stripes.

Some motorcycle clubs also have special circlets for honorary members or highly respected members. These may have additional symbols or engravings that make them more recognizable and exclusive.

Viking Rings

They are a type that is popular among Nordic Bikers. They were made from metal ornaments, such as gold, silver, and bronze, and were often decorated with animal skulls or other symbols. Today, they are often seen as symbols of strength and power.

Some of them may have had religious meanings. For example, some rings may have been worn during religious ceremonies in order to ward off evil spirits. Others may have been used as tokens of love or friendship. Whatever their original purpose, they are now popular collector’s items.

Animal Rings


They are a popular choice for biker jewellery, and there are many different meanings attached to them. Here we look at the different animal rings and what they symbolise.

The snake is often seen as a symbol of strength and power, particularly amongst Harley Davidson enthusiasts. The snake can be seen as a representation of the serpentine way that motorcycles move; sleek and fast.

The hawk is associated with wisdom and protection. The hawk is known for its keen eyesight and ability to fly quickly, making it an appropriate choice for someone who needs to stay alert and vigilant. Its symbolism also relates to the idea of being able to see far into the future.

The dragon is another popular animal ring, often worn by people who wish to represent strength and power. Dragons are fierce creatures with a powerful presence, capable of guarding their territory aggressively. They are also known for their magical abilities, making it a perfect reminder of the wearer’s own powers.


They are often worn as a sign of affiliation with a certain motorcycle club or group. Many people believe that the various symbols on biker rings and fingers represent different aspects of the lifestyle, from protection to strength. If you’re looking to join a biker gang or want to learn more about what each symbol means, be sure to get more information on this topic regarding the rings for your biker lifestyle.