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Sales Enablement Metric
The Biggest Sales Enablement Myth Exploded

SiriusDecisions just wrapped up their always epic annual summit. When you put 2000+ go-to-market experts under one roof, you’re going to get great interactions, best practices, and insights. A crowd favorite insight from the analyst team was a takedown of one of the most misquoted...

Sales Productivity
How to Improve Sales Productivity: 7 Helpful Hints

Sales productivity is the #1 challenge for almost 65% of B2B organizations, according to research from The Bridge Group. Therefore, optimizing sales productivity should be one of the most important aspects for a business to focus on – the efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity of the salesforce...

SiriusDecisions Summit
SiriusDecisions Day 2: Automate It

Another strong day on the board from the team at SiriusDecisions. One session that stood out in particular was Jay Famico looking at growth hacks. He kicked things off with the story of Paul Bunyan and his competition for lumberjack bragging rights with a machine....

What is sales operations
What is Sales Operations?

As sales organizations become more process driven and scientific, sales operations has taken on a new level of importance. Matt Heinz calls them one of the most unsung heroes for sales organizations.There are thousands of sales operations professionals in the US alone and the function...

Accelerate Sales
4 Ways to Accelerate Sales

In the B2B selling environment, nothing is more frustrating than that “sure thing” deal slipping into next quarter’s sales cycle. According to research from Aberdeen Group, 24% of these types of deals suffer such a fate. The study goes on to reveal that top business...

Content Marketing & Customer Lifecycle
Content Marketing and the Customer Lifecycle

Content is useful for attracting interest, generating leads, and nurturing prospects. B2B marketers often focus on top-of-the-funnel content, which makes sense when considering that generating qualified leads is a top concern for most B2B organizations. But content marketing shouldn’t stop at sales – content should...

sales enablement tools
Sales Enablement Tools Budgets Rising – Fast

Just in time for their annual summit, SiriusDecisions announced some intriguing data about the sales enablement tool space. SiriusDecisions service director Jim Ninivaggi (one of our sales enablement thought leaders!) summarized the research in a column here.The key finding that Jim calls out is that...

Onboarding with Sales Enablement
4 Tips for Using Sales Enablement for Onboarding

A recent Aberdeen Group study found that it takes seven months and almost $30,000 to recruit and onboard a new sales rep. This stat reveals two primary challenges for B2B organizations. The Challenges Challenge #1: Finding Sales RepsAccording to Forbes, the sales representative position is one of...