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Lead to Revenue
2 Ways to Re-Think “Lead to Revenue”

In 2010 Forrester coined the term “Lead to Revenue”. It was a fresh take on a stale problem: the sales and marketing divide. It encouraged go-to-market leaders to look at their funnels differently. That is, to see sales and marketing as partners with revenue as...

content marketing
Content Marketing, Meet Sales Enablement

VentureBeat published a terrific piece this morning. It asks whether Content Marketing has reached peak efficiency for its adopters. Why? With so much content being published it is difficult for individual content pieces to stand out and attract attention. The article contrasts this with the results from...

email templates
Email Templates Support Sales Conversations

Your team knows how effective sales enablement content is. It builds trust and consensus among buyers. KnowledgeTree pushes the most relevant sales enablement content to sales people so they share the most effective piece to use in any sales situation. What happens next? Traditionally, when a...