Make Sales and Marketing Collateral Work


12 Feb Make Sales and Marketing Collateral Work

Today we made a major announcement – a new solution that helps sales and marketing teams unlock the value of their collateral. Before I tell you what’s in the solution, I want to take a step back and share a few sales tales from the frontline. A sales team is getting ready to present to a major prospect in the banking industry. They’re selling a complicated product, so they need to have an effective slide deck. The account executive searches the company’s document vault and comes up with hundreds of files. Does he need hundreds of options, or the most effective one? Should he spend precious time hunting for the right content? A manager has dozens of sales professionals prospecting for customers. Each sales person is on email and the phone all day, sending collateral, presentations, case studies, and more to their prospects. But are they using the most current material? Are they using approved content? Or are they relying on whatever they have on hand? A product marketing executive is reviewing her budget. Like most companies, her largest marketing communications expense is in collateral. Big money is put into writing, designing, producing, and using it. But is she investing smartly? Which pieces have great ROI and what should be removed? What’s missing from her product marketing collateral inventory that could help sales? Is Creative spending their time (and her money) developing collateral sales neither finds nor distributes?

If your team is anything like ours, a new chapter of these same old stories unfolds every day. The solution we’ve released today addresses these pains. It helps sales and marketing teams unlock the value of their collateral. We’ve brought together technology specifically targeted to sales and marketing teams.

  • Discovery tools automatically tag and categorize documents by business concept, like product, place, company, collateral type, and more. That radically simplifies the organization of content. These tools also uncover effective collateral and suggest it to team members. Now, the sales executive that needs a great presentation can find recommended content fast.
  • Feedback and reporting tools help managers spot how collateral is being used and what’s effective. That helps managers reinvest in winning messages and push great content to team members.
  • With insight into what works, marketing can quickly refine and approve content. Our new fit-for-purpose sales and marketing templates and simple to use tools make collateral editing and governance easy. So good content gets better, and gets organized for easy discovery by sales teams.

The collateral lifecycle continues, but the script is rewritten and a new story unfolds. Collateral continuously improves, the best content is discovered easily and used efficiently, and sales results generate better ROI. Want to see more? Watch a quick demo, and see how you can start using these tools right now.

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