Discover Effective Collateral with KnowledgeTree for Salesforce

15 Apr Discover Effective Collateral with KnowledgeTree for Salesforce

Sales people sell more when they’ve got the best messages on hand. So, marketing and sales operations goes to great lengths to make sure that these teams have the collateral and content they need.

That means case studies that capture prospects attention early in the sales cycle. It means presentations that build business cases and close deals. And it means implementation guides that turn customers into upsell opportunities.

Discover the Best Content for any Sales Situation

Sales people are under tremendous time pressure. And if they can’t find exactly the right collateral they need now, they’ll often use what’s worked before. But what works for one customer doesn’t always work for another. Case studies that hit home in one industry may fall flat with other verticals. And collateral that resonates early in the sales cycle may not be effective later in the campaign.

The KnowledgeTree for Salesforce Solution

Today KnowledgeTree answered these challenges with a new solution: KnowledgeTree for Salesforce. This new technology lets sales and marketing teams send the best message for any prospect or customer at exactly the right time – right in

KnowledgeTree matches purpose-built salesforce content to the specifics of your sales team’s lead, opportunity, and account records in It puts proven, effective content for your sales situation front and center, automatically. Not thousands of search results, just the content that works for that prospect.

That means your go-to-market teams send the most effective messages all the time:

  • Sales executives are presented with the best collateral for a prospect’s industry, sales stage, product need, and pain point. They don’t have to hunt through hundreds of search results. The most relevant collateral appears automatically in the record. And when it doesn’t, they can provide feedback to marketing with a single click to ensure critical gaps in the content inventory get addressed quickly.
  • Account managers discover implementation tips and best practices collateral that keep customers happy and buying more. Content instantly appears in the record, letting managers send relevant collateral to their customers at the right time.
  • Marketing teams learn what collateral resonates in the market. Marketers gather insight into what collateral drives deals and what should be removed. Plus, they gain increased control over what content is used, and when, throughout a sales process.

Want to see more about the product? Contact us and find out more.

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