Sales Enablement with KnowledgeTree: A Closer Look

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23 Apr Sales Enablement with KnowledgeTree: A Closer Look

Last week we launched a new solution for users. These tools help sales teams discover and utilize the right content at the right time for any sales engagement. Instead of wasting time digging for the salesforce content they need, KnowledgeTree for Salesforce enables sales teams to quickly find targeted collateral based on specific information about their leads, prospects, and customers.

How KnowledgeTree for Salesforce Works

So, to help you understand how the technology can help, let’s step through the process of discovering great content in Finding and using the right content is a holy grail of sales enablement.

Sales Enablement Example

Let’s start with an example. A sales professional at Satco sells Satellite Array technology. He’s pursuing a deal with International Mining. He logs into to view his opportunity and see what needs to be done next. We can see in the screenshot below that the opportunity is set at 10% probability and the product being sold is for the Satellite Array.

Now, the rep needs to know what collateral would help to advance the sales process. Should he send a datasheet, a case study, or a presentation? Which one? If he leaves to use a content management tool, he’s going to waste time. Worse still, he’s going to end up with dozens or hundreds of search results if he simply searches on “case study”. He needs just the right content.

In the screenshot below we see KnowledgeTree for Salesforce. The solution matches approved and relevant content to the attributes of the opportunity. In this case, the opportunity is in the Suspect/Prospect stage and is curious about the Satellite Array product. Because we’re early in the sales process, it makes sense to deliver case studies and general solution content. Instead of having the sales rep search through hundreds of documents looking for content relavent for this opportunity, KnowledgeTree for Salesforce is recommending specific content based on details of the opportunity. He’s got recommended content in one place … no searching required.

Now it’s time to check that he’s using the right content. He selects the Satco Case Studies document that marketing and sales operations have curated for this situation. There he gets a preview of the document and, without leaving, he can see that this is a great piece of content. He can copy text from it, download it, review it, and decide whether he wants to take advantage of it.

To probe a little more and understand the value of this piece of collateral, he clicks on a few of the additional tabs that KnowledgeTree for Salesforce provides. He can see feedback from colleagues about when to use the content. He can see insight from sales operations and marketing to help him understand which kinds of customers can benefit from this content … he can even see the ROI and freshness of the content.

Advancing the Sales Process

It’s the right piece for him. He’s read it, looked at the comments, and familiarized himself with the details. He decides to send it to his prospect. The right content gets into the prospect’s hands at the right moment for the right reasons. Now, the sales rep has had some success. The customer loved the content and is moving toward a purchase. He updates the opportunity’s sales stage to “Negotiation”. He’s moved the ball.

Now that the sales stage has advanced, he’ll need the right collateral to help him negotiate. KnowledgeTree automatically updates the recommended content for the opportunity, showing documents tailor made for the Negotiation stage. Now we see collateral like best practice guides and ROI calculators that can help push the prospect through to the purchase. Again, no searching required.

Next time we’ll take a look at how sales professionals can find great content beyond what’s recommended. And how they can provide feedback toward identifying gaps in the sales enablement portfolio.

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