Closing the Loop with KnowledgeTree for Salesforce and KnowledgeTree for Mobile

knowledgetree for salesforce

12 May Closing the Loop with KnowledgeTree for Salesforce and KnowledgeTree for Mobile

A Closer Look At Our Latest Sales Enablement Solutions

Last month we released KnowledgeTree for Salesforce, the first release of many geared toward empowering enterprise sales organizations to curate and surface just the right content at just the right time. This month, we’re excited to share with you some improvements we’ve made to KnowledgeTree for Salesforce and introduce our brand new KnowledgeTree for Mobile application for iOS. Both help close the loop between marketing teams curating content for the field, and sales teams taking advantage of content in the field. Let’s find out how.

KnowledgeTree for Salesforce

Publishing content for use in the field should never be a fire-and-forget process. The best salesforce content portfolio is pruned and refreshed as needed. But, how can you determine what content needs pruning and why? Your sales team, the ones using the content, can be a great source of feedback about what’s working and what isn’t.

Imagine a sales rep working diligently in Salesforce. He’s got a good opportunity, International Mining, on the hook. Because KnowledgeTree for Salesforce is installed he has instant access to collateral that his marketing team has curated for opportunities such as this.

KnowlegeTree for Salesforce

He sees the “Satco Case Studies” document has been recommended so he downloads and sends it to his contact at International Mining. He’s hoping this collateral will help warm the Opportunity up so he can close the deal. After a brief email exchange with his contact he realizes the conclusions drawn at the end of the case study document were a bit confusing. He pulls up the document in KnowledgeTree for Salesforce and leaves a comment so the marketing team can make the proper adjustments.

Feedback loop - KnowledgeTree for Salesforce

Anyone following the International Mining Opportunity using Salesforce Chatter will immediately see his feedback so they can remain in the loop on how things are going. Additionally, his feedback will get pushed to the KnowledgeTree web application. Now, the curator will get his feedback immediately and can improve the document.

Feedback on the Document in Chatter<

Feedback on the document in KnowledgeTree

Marketing receives his feedback loud and clear and gets to work on updating the graphs. In the meantime he prepares for his upcoming road trip. It’s a meet and greet with his contact at International Mining and he needs to be prepared. So, he installs the KnowledgeTree for Mobile application on his iPhone (or iPad) so he can have visibility and access to the collateral he needs when he’s in the field.

KnowledgeTree for Mobile

Knowing he’ll need to become familiar with any revisions to the “Satco Case Studies” document while he’s in the field, he opens KnowledgeTree for Mobile. Having recently viewed “Satco Case Studies” in Salesforce, he has immediate access to the document on the Home screen in KnowledgeTree for Mobile. No searching required.

Screenshot - KnowledgeTree Mobile - Apple iOS6

He previews the document on his iPhone and makes sure to mark the document as a Favorite. Additionally, he Watches the document so he’s notified when marketing incorporates his feedback.

Sceenshot - KnowledgeTree Mobile - Apple iOS6

He works with a pretty efficient marketing team. While waiting for his layover flight to arrive on his way to see his contact, he’s notified via KnowledgeTree for Mobile that changes have been made to the document. He jumps into the app and looks at the comment stream for more detail. Sure enough, the marketing team did a bang up job clearing up those graphs.

Screenshot - KnowledgeTree Mobile - Apple iOS6

Last but not least, he checks the finer details of the document. By looking at the document details he can see other closed deals this document has been a part of, and the revenue generated from those deals. More ammunition for his upcoming conversation with International Mining.

Screenshot - KnowledgeTree Mobile - Apple iOS6

Feeling prepared, he decides to email the document to his contact in preparation for their meeting.

Screenshot - KnowledgeTree Mobile - Apple iOS6

KnowledgeTree for Salesforce, combined with KnowledgeTree for Mobile help keep even the most distributed marketing and sales teams connected. we’ve just seen how finding the right documents through KnowledgeTree for Salesforce and taking those documents with you via KnowledgeTree for Mobile complete the feedback loop necessary for ensuring the right documents are always available at the right time. We have a lot more coming this summer so let us know what you think!

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