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22 May Content Marketing, Meet Content Selling

The Use of Content Marketing Assets to Advance the Sales Process

Earlier this week we published a byline called “Content Marketing, Meet Content Selling”. The piece looked at an interesting trend: increasingly sales teams are relying on content as a powerful tool to advance the sales process. And they are learning the lessons gained from Content Marketing.

Content Marketing is an approach that helps generate awareness and interest through thoughtful, fun, and engaging content. But sales teams need to similarly deliver great content. After all, buyers are increasingly disconnected from the sales team throughout the selling process. That means that each engagement needs to be high value. And it means that buyers need to have useful content to build their business case internally.

The importance of content to the sales process led us to define what Content Selling means:

Content Selling helps sales discover, deliver, and track the effectiveness of messages that advance sales engagements.

So, what how can sales teams take advantage of this trend? How can marketing enable sales with the lessons they’ve learned through Content Marketing? Let’s take a look at a handy infographic cheat-sheet to see how the lessons of Content Marketing apply to Content Selling.

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