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06 May New Sales Enablement for Mobile Teams

Introducing KnowledgeTree for Mobile Sales Enablement

In the sea of software acronyms one is forced to navigate in the blogosphere, “MVP” (which stands for Minimum Viable Product) frequently floats to the top. “Ship an MVP” is a mantra reflexively recited by product guys from lean startups to Google, and for good reason. Getting “just enough” solution into the hands of real customers quickly is sound business practice.

Why? Because in today’s hyper-competitive enterprise software world, it’s critical to validate (or explode) your assumptions about product/market fit ASAP. Whether you’re founder-bootstrapped or VC-funded, investing money and many man-months building out that great idea you whiteboarded last week is a tough sell. Without early customer feedback to help you course correct along the way, the failure risk is too high to tolerate.

Shipping an MVP early in the product lifecycle lets you establish a closed feedback loop. Real customers reporting on their experiences using (and misusing!) real product in the field. It’s the fastest route to understanding the true value of your solution. Insight mined from feedback drives future product investment and innovation choices, and helps erect guardrails on the roadmap that can make or break the business.

The sales enablement feedback loop is equally important in bridging the “field” and “lab” divide between sales and marketing teams. Much like new products and features, each piece of collateral, no matter how pithy and pretty, is “minimally viable” until proven out in the field. Content marketing teams need to road test new messaging and material early and often, and use real-world data on effectiveness to iterate and improve.

The explosive growth of marketing automation tools that enable this process for web content and email campaigns is true testament to its importance. However, the production and distribution of traditional collateral remains the single largest line item in most marketing budgets, and this investment is not similarly managed in many organizations.

Marketing needs to know quickly and continuously whether the tools they generate are helping to close business. They need feedback from reps to justify ongoing investment in expensive deliverables. What’s working and when? Are there gaps in the collateral inventory that mean needs within important market segments are unaddressed by the messaging at hand? Have newly released sales enablement features rendered the go-to default data sheet stale?

Last month I announced our new sales enablement solution in this space. KnowledgeTree for Salesforce has been resonating… but we’ve been hearing a lot from marketing teams. While they love the curation and governance tools and the easy, automatic surfacing of the right content at the right time to reps working in Salesforce, they crave feedback and insight into how the collateral they painstakingly (and expensively) deployed to sales is resonating and working in the real world.

Also, field sales has been asking “what about us? We use tablets to present to clients on-site!” It was clear the MVP was not quite “MV” without a mobile tool for discovering, presenting, and sharing content on-the-go. And account managers asked us to extend the product to support surfacing customer success collateral so they can upsell and keep existing customers happy and renewing.

Today, I’m proud to announce a big step forward in facilitating the feedback loop to help close the sales and marketing divide. We’re also equipping teams throughout the sales lifecycle with new sales enablement tools, including a brand new iOS app and support for collateral discovery in the Accounts and Products views in Salesforce.

Keep the feedback (to us, and to your marketing team) coming, and watch this space for more exciting product announcements later this summer!

To learn more, simply contact us. We’re looking forward to the discussion.

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