Content Selling and Sales Effectiveness

17 Jun Content Selling and Sales Effectiveness

Effective Sales Engagements Include a Content Selling Approach

Content Selling is about getting marketing materials that resonate with prospects into their hands. And last week I started a blog series where I unpacked some of the key benefits of getting sales operations teams to take a Content Selling approach. In that first post I looked at the importance of discovering the right content at the right time quickly — within

This week I’ll take a look at another key value: how much more effective each sales engagement can be by relying on a Content Selling approach. That’s critical since so little of the average sales person’s time is actually spent on core selling. In fact, just 29% of a sales person’s day is devoted to core selling activities.

That means that each and every interaction needs to be as effective as possible. For a sales representative, that means asking appropriate questions, delivering intelligent marketing content that speaks to their pain, and other targeted tasks. Generic content, generalized questions and responses that don’t speak to the needs of the customer simply won’t cut it.

So, how does Content Selling make your sales team more effective?

Give Sales Teams the Right Messages

Each customer and prospect is unique. They’re in different industries and have different information needs. The manufacturing case study that you’ve been using forever is not going to resonate well with a healthcare provider. You need to find the content that makes sense for each company.

Deliver Content at the Right Time

As a prospect moves along the sales process, they will have different information needs at different times. An ROI calculator may be only valuable at later stages in the sales cycle when a business case needs to be proven out. And a white paper may end up confusing prospects if sent too early. Timing is everything in sales. So, time your messages effectively.

Get Smarter with Sales Enablement

Over time you should understand better what kinds of content work well in different situations. Is that datasheet as effective as you think? Does the ROI calculator really make sense to use late in the sales process? You should look to see which content is associated with advancing sales processes. If it assists, it should be promoted. Also, look to understand feedback from your sales team. If they see ways to better use or improve content, take heed.

Your sales team only has so much time in a day. Make each moment count by getting the most effective messages into prospects’ hands.

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