Why Sales Enablement and Content Selling Matters

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05 Jun Why Sales Enablement and Content Selling Matters

Sales and Marketing Can Learn a Lot From Each Other

29% of a sales person’s time is actually devoted to core selling activities

Recently, I’ve had a chance to speak to a lot of customers and prospects about KnowledgeTree for Salesforce and KnowledgeTree for Mobile. There’s been a crush of enthusiastic conversations. I thought I’d capture some of the primary reasons for the interest here. That should give you a sense for why this sales enablement tool is getting so many teams in sales operations, sales enablement and marketing operations excited.

I’ll write about each of the major topics over the course of the next few posts. Among the topics I’ll take a look at are how KnowledgeTree helps sales enablement:

  • Save time and effort for sales teams
  • Make every sales engagement effective
  • Ensure that your best messages get used
  • Marketing to identify what messages work
  • Learn from the best sales people on your team

Sales Enablements Saves Time and Effort for Sales Teams

Sirius Decisions published a statistic that floored me. It said that only 29% of a sales person’s time is actually devoted to core selling activities. That means that the remaining 71% of the time is devoted to administration, researching, and other tasks. While researching is clearly valuable, the administrative elements consume a full third of the time. Clearly, efficiencies need to be gained there.

When we look into what these administrative tasks consist of, there is a common thread. That same thread appeared in our recent survey of sales and marketing professionals. We found that the second biggest complaint that sales had about marketing was an inability to locate collateral that helps advance the sales process. Some estimates say that the typical sales team wastes 4000 hours per year looking for collateral to use. That’s a major sales enablement challenge.

And that should be no surprise. If you’re in sales you know the pain of looking in a content management tool and struggling to uncover the content you want. Or searching for “case study” and getting back drafts, old content, and hundreds of copies of a boilerplate proposal. Clearly, we’ve got to do better.

With KnowledgeTree for Salesforce sales teams don’t have to filter through large volumes of content. They receive curated content that is matched to the unique characteristics of your sales situation. So, when looking to an opportunity for your products in the financial services industry, you will receive just the content that makes sense for your sales situation.

Sales teams can find the right information and get it to prospects and customers without switching to a content management tool. That’s a sales operations and sales efficiency dream. Especially when you have dozens of calls per day with leads.

When you’re able to remove a big percentage of your wasted time and rededicate it to core selling, you’re going to see the results in sales productivity quickly — a major sales enablement win.

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