September 2013

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sales content
Customer Service Solutions in CRM Idol

Retention Tools Play a Key Role in Sales In an earlier blog, we discussed CRM Idol, an online event for CRM software developers to make an impression with respected thought leaders. KnowledgeTree made the shortlist along with an array of excellent vendors that provide solutions for...

content marketing
5 Incredible Content Marketing Blogs

Looking for ways to learn more about content marketing and content selling? You’ll be happy to hear that there are a number of excellent blogs that provide everything from practical tips on getting started to visionary insight on the future of content marketing (and using...

marketing automation
Can Marketing Automation Run on Auto-Pilot?

In a recent blog on iMedia Connection, Rebecca Whitefield offered the “6 best practices for marketing automation.” One of her top tips is Avoid auto-pilot mode, urging marketers to keep an eye on their marketing automation systems. Otherwise, she warns that Marketing “Automation can quickly...

salesforce content
Sharing Salesforce Content via KnowledgeTree

One of the biggest challenges for your salesforce is that prospects will often, suddenly, go silent. After a few conversations and email exchanges, your prospect appears to have fallen off the face of the Earth. It's difficult and frustrating to understand this sort of buyer's...

Top Reasons Marketing’s Content isn’t Used by Sales

So, your company is moving quickly with a sales effectiveness strategy built on content marketing collateral. Congratulations! You’re creating content and collateral materials, but running into a few roadblocks. In particular, you find that some of your content is ignored. It’s a serious problem, since un-used...

Spend Less on Advertising, Win More Sales

Studies find paid advertising declining in effectiveness, Content Selling growingTried-and-true marketing wisdom says you must support your product or service campaign with ads. Buy more advertising, get more customers. Make sure to allocate plenty of dollars for online banners and maybe some print ads. And,...