October 2013

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Content Revenue
10 Values that Content Selling Brings to the Sales Process

It All Starts When Sales Uses KnowledgeTree KnowledgeTree dramatically increases the productivity of sales people.  It does that by helping sales teams discover, share, and track great sales content with prospects.  To understand how KnowledgeTree works, let’s look at a common scenario for a sales organization. Inbound...

retention content
The Importance of Retention Content

Content Marketing created a whole new way to capture the interest of potential buyers. Content Selling took the best parts of that formula to help salespeople guide prospects down the funnel and close deals. Forbes contributor John Hall wrote, “…sales teams have taken a seat...

content marketing
Content Marketing Horror Stories

How Will Your Content Marketing Story End? With Halloween just around the corner, cable channels are deep into playlists of horror movies. Tune in, if you dare, and see how everything from a cabin on a quiet lake to a doll can go fatally wrong. But...

content selling
Content Selling and the Lost Art of Storytelling

Why Content Selling Helps Salespeople Deliver a Happy Ending When people think about “storytelling,” many different images come to mind. For some, it’s about reading a book to their children before bed. Others may think of television shows, movies or novels. Historically, you may conjure prehistoric...

What I Learned Playing Dodgeball

This Playground Game Reminds us to Focus on Sales Execution Growing up in South Africa, I didn’t get much opportunity to play dodgeball. This past weekend, Magnus Health organized the RDU International Dodgeball tournament, and KnowledgeTree’s crack team of dodgeball experts participated. Being the extremely competitive,...

Free Virtual Sales Summit to Help You Make and Break Your Quota

Sales is Undergoing a Historic Transformation Today's sales leaders are re-thinking their approaches to virtually everything. Education on new strategies, techniques and tools are proving to be the competitive edge for sales teams. And we’re here to help.On October 2, 2013 at 12pm Eastern, KnowledgeTree is...