December 2013

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social selling
3 Steps to Social Selling Excellence

In my previous blog on Social Selling, we discussed how the trend is revolutionizing our industry.  When it comes to Social Selling, one of the best and brightest thought leaders is Ryan Tognazzini, Principal at Sales Benchmark Index. He shared his wisdom in a recent...

sales enablement
How Sales Leaders Measure Content Selling Metrics

A Sales Leader’s Perspective You ask yourself most mornings ‘what can I do to make my sales team more effective?’.  When individual team members are more effective the group will succeed and you’ll hit quota.After all, it’s not about being the hero sales leader that swoops...

social selling
Beat Your Quota in 2014 with Social Selling

Cold calling and old email techniques are becoming less effective. Just when sales professionals needed a new way to break through the clutter, Social Selling emerged and it’s taking the industry by storm.Why do we need a new way to sell? Buyers are saturated with...

Is Gmail Tracking Dead and Should You Care?

A New Tactic Must Be Adopted To Sustain Meaningful Conversations Google's recent changes to how embedded images in Gmail are handled means click tracking intelligence for email marketers just lost in depth, but gained in breadth. Gmail users now automatically see all of your content (without having...

The Four Levels of Value Creation

Sales people need higher levels of skills In an earlier blog, I shared insight from S. Anthony Iannarino’s recent Funnelholic webinar, sponsored by KnowledgeTree. Iannarino identified some of the biggest challenges for salespeople in today’s business climate, and introduced solutions for each.The challenges all come together and...

content selling
How to Measure Content Marketing Metrics

Content Selling Metrics: A Marketer’s Perspective The first learning from Content Marketing was simple.  Communicate relevant, engaging, challenging, and useful messages to prospects and they will advance in their buying journey.  Communicate generic, ineffective, or no messages to prospects and they will go to someone who...

Expert Advice on Building Your Sales Organization

Key Strategies for Sales Managers How would you like to learn about sales and marketing from some of the masters of our industry? At the recent “Crush Your Quota” Virtual Sales Summit, attendees got exactly that. Several important topics were covered across four expert presenters.In one...