January 2014

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B2B Marketing’s Most Ignored Audience

In previous posts I’ve looked at key Content Selling metrics that are important for managers to monitor.  Today, I wanted to highlight the one metric that I care most about, one that Content Marketers must pay close attention to.  That is, the consumption of content...

sales enablement
Improving Sales Enablement with Salesforce Apps

Becca Krass always has great insight into apps on Salesforce.com’s AppExchange.  After all, she curates the site and has a perfect position to spot interesting technology that helps users of Salesforce.com.Today she had an excellent post looking at three categories of tools for sales enablement....

Buyers Demand Better Sales People

Many occupations are in rapidly changing industries. Doctors need to stay informed on the latest research, techniques and medications. Attorneys must be on top of on subtle changes in legislation. Tax CPAs are constantly adapting their approach to shifting IRS codes each year. Now, you...

marketing metrics
The New Marketing Metrics

Andy Beal and the team at Marketing Pilgrim always have great content and ideas.  Today I read an infographic that they produced that is particularly useful.  Useful because it helps to shift a mindset that is still common among marketers.The infographics looks at key metrics...

sales organization
Not Settling for Average in Your Sales Organization

Many sales and marketing organizations on a calendar financial year have just wrapped up their annual sales kickoffs.  Your sales kickoff is a great time to get everyone on the same page for messaging, product, and expectations.  And a standard time to recognize excellence in...

buyer experience
Top 5 Steps to Delivering Better Buyer Experiences

The Buyer Experience, or “BX,” has become a red-hot topic for sales. Buyer-responsive selling re-envisions the sales process from the perspective and experience of the buyer. With the majority of the buying cycle completed before prospects contact sales people, each interaction with a prospect must...