February 2014

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Are You a Sales Dinosaur?

Sometimes, we need a mirror held up to realize our sales strategy shortcomings. As painful as it may be, recognizing our weaknesses is the path to improvement and growth. Many times, sales people will see a colleague botch a sale, and then realize they’re also...

Content as a Sales (and Marketing) Strategy

Content is a currency for your sales and marketing messages.  It lets you pass value on to your prospects and nurture relationships within your pipeline.  Todd Schnick, who writes great pieces on ‘intrepid’ sales and marketing topics, highlighted this fact last week in a post...

Content Continues to Re-Invent Sales and Marketing

In the dynamic and ever-changing landscape of sales and marketing, the growing use of content has changed our jobs forever. Traditional selling has been altered by buyer’s easy access to social media and online analysis, opinions and other data. Prospects can intelligently explore products with...