March 2015

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sales enablement
How Sales Leaders Enable their Teams

Every sales team has top performers, bottom performers, and a large set of core contributors in the middle. How well those core sales people perform will have a major impact on your ability to hit your revenue targets.Aberdeen Group recently researched this idea and found...

sales enablement content
Proactive vs. Passive Approaches to Sales Enablement

Your sales prospects are demanding. They want informative and engaging content to help build a business case. They need fast responses to product questions from their sales people. And they want insights like competitive differentiation when they’re on the phone with their reps.The days of...

Top 70 Sales Enablement Tools to Boost Your Business
Top 70 Sales Enablement Tools to Boost Your Business

Sales enablement is a powerful tool to increase sales and drive business growth. It helps sales teams deliver the right message at the right time to prospects. When sales people are on message, they convert leads and close opportunities faster. But the selling space is...

Is Your Portal a Sales Enablement Tool?
Is Your Portal a Sales Enablement Tool?

Sales teams depend on content to advance prospects and close opportunities. It helps sales teams build urgency and business cases that drive sales forward. The challenge for sales is how to find the content. The standard sales enablement approach is through a portal. A single,...

ROI on Sales Enablement
ROI on Sales Enablement

Every sales team has top performers that message effectively, challenge prospects, and bring value to their buyers. They instinctively know what to say and which sales enablement tools help advance their deals.But the reality is that 79% of sales people miss quota. As a sales...

Gamification, Next Generation Sales Enablement
Gamification, Next Generation Sales Enablement

According to, 71% of companies saw an 11%-50% increase in measured sales performance after implementing gamification in their organizations. In the same report, 90% of companies reported that their gamification initiatives are successful. Gamification is one of many evolving technologies that is opening a...