December 2015

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KnowledgeTree: Top 40 Predictive Analytics Tools
Top 40 Predictive Analytics Tools

Predictive analytics are increasingly important to businesses as they become more scientific in their sales processes. Companies are collecting large amounts of data but aren't always sure how to use this information. Predictive tools allow sales and marketing teams to apply historical data to future events...

4 Keys to Spot-On Sales Conversations

Yesterday I had the chance to speak at a webinar with our friends at ZoomInfo. The webinar looked at the challenge of engaging your prospects and advancing them to the next stage. The challenge has become especially difficult these days with the intense communications that...

KnowledgeTree Sales Enablement Software - Marketing
Get Your 2016 Marketing Plan Cleaned-Up

The new year is coming up fast. Parties, gifts, and the mad rush to get final projects and deals completed before the gong. But there’s also often time for reflection and time to ‘sharpen the axe’, readying your marketing plan, ahead of the new year....

11 B2B Marketing Trends for 2016
11 B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

As marketers, we always look ahead to “What’s hot?” or “What’s the next best thing?”. These questions become more pressing as the year winds down. According to a recent SalesForce survey of over 5,000 marketers, the greatest challenge that they face is “how to keep up...

How to Boost Sales Productivity Through Q4
How to Boost Sales Productivity Through Q4

Q4 is a precarious time for productivity. The chaos of the holidays combined with the end-of-year crunch means competing priorities for employees and plenty of opportunities for performance to slip. As Fast Company says, “The season is rife with distractions in and outside work, where...

How to Conduct a Marketing Content Audit

According to a report by the Custom Content Council, “The number of CMOs who believe that content marketing is the future of their world has nearly doubled in the last five years”. Clearly, marketers have recognized the importance of content in their marketing strategy and...

Linking Into Sales: An Interview With Peter Mollins about sales content
Linking Into Sales: An Interview With Peter Mollins

Last week I had the chance to join Martin Brossman and Greg Hyer from Linking Into Sales, as well as Elyse Archer, for a conversation on predictive sales enablement technologies and the use of sales content throughout the purchase process. We discussed a number of the pains that sales has...