May 2016

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May 2016 – Month in Review

We have gathered some of the month's most interesting and relevant pieces on sales enablement. Read these articles to learn more about recent trends and hot topics in the sales enablement space. How to Measure Your Sales Enablement Success - Aaron Riddle The sales enablement field is...

7 Steps to Boost Sales Enablement Adoption
7 Steps to Boost Sales Enablement Adoption

The roles and functions of the B2B sales team have changed quite a bit in just the past decade. One of the greatest contributors to these advances is the integration of technology throughout the sales process. Equipping reps with the right tools is essential to...

KnowledgeTree Blog: How to Create Great Content Part 2
How to Create Great Content Part 2

Content plays a vital role in advancing deals. Sales people use content to convince and convert early stage prospects. And they use these materials to build business cases that lead to closed won opportunities. But are you producing the kinds of materials that sales teams...

B2B Selling in the Age of Information
B2B Selling in the Age of Information

Evolving buyer behavior continues to reshape the dynamics of the B2B landscape. One of the more significant changes is the increasingly informed and digitally engaged buyer, presenting both a challenge and an opportunity for the savvy sales rep.The Internet and search engines have revolutionized the...

What Content Does Sales Need?
What Content Does Sales Need?

Click here to download the report. 95% of sales people think content is essential to advance deals. So, why is 80% of content unused by sales teams? All of that great material that your marketing and sales enablement organization is building is sitting idly. Powerful sales...

Marketo Summit Takeaways

I just got back from the Marketo Summit. And it was another first class event that they put on. We partnered with the fantastic folks at Engagio, taking over the Corner Cakes pastry shop in the MGM Grand. That led to a lot of meetings...

KnowledgeTree Launches Sales Asset Cloud

Today we are proud and excited to announce the release of KnowledgeTree's Sales Asset Cloud. We've integrated three content-centric applications into a suite that addresses the complete Sales Asset Management lifecycle.That means that marketing and sales enablement professionals can create, discover, and recommend content for...