April 2016 – Month in Review

04 May April 2016 – Month in Review

We have gathered some of the month’s most interesting and relevant pieces on sales enablement. Read these articles to learn more about recent trends and hot topics in the sales enablement space.

10 Ways to Drive Revenue with Sales Enablement – Shelley Cernel

Sales enablement technology has been growing rapidly in the B2B space recently, but many people are unsure about how to get ROI from their sales enablement investment. This ebook from KnowledgeTree shares 10 ways that organizations can optimize their sales enablement use to get the most out of their investment and drive revenue.

Content in the Customer’s Context Drives Customer Relationships – Tamara Schenk

The quality of client-facing content has a significant impact on the relationship you have with your customers. Aligning content to the customer’s journey is essential to creating effective content. Sales enablement tools help companies align their processes and provide customers with content in context.

Sales Enablement – Don’t Put the Cart Before the Horse! – Richard Ruff

Sales enablement is a great way to help align sales and marketing departments. However, the sales process must be understood before sales enablement can be implemented. The companies that are built to succeed are ones that recognize changes in their customers’ needs, buying processes, and willingness to pay since the market is always changing.

The Benefits of Sales Enablement Technology – Chanin Ballance

The brain has an enormous memory capacity, but for some reasons salespeople can never remember what content to use and where to find it. Sales enablement tools help reps’ retention and retrieval with recommendations and coaching. Technology increases usage of marketing content and allows for visibility into content ROI.

Seven Reasons Your Business Must Have a Sound Content Marketing Strategy – Forbes Agency Council

Content marketing has been on the rise as a way for companies to connect with their target market, but successful content marketing must have a cohesive strategy. Having an actionable strategy ensures consistency and the ability to resonate with prospects wherever they are in the sales funnel. Seven top agency executives give their top reasons on why having a content marketing strategy is necessary to seeing ROI.

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