May 2016 – Month in Review

31 May May 2016 – Month in Review

We have gathered some of the month’s most interesting and relevant pieces on sales enablement. Read these articles to learn more about recent trends and hot topics in the sales enablement space.

How to Measure Your Sales Enablement Success – Aaron Riddle

The sales enablement field is growing and more companies are adopting the technology, but they aren’t always sure how to properly measure their sales enablement success. To be able to measure sales enablement efforts, it is important to remember why you implemented the technology in the first place so that you can measure those factors. Sales enablement is helpful in improving sales and aligning sales and marketing, and measuring the success of a sales enablement effort shows actionable results.

How to Design a Sales Coaching Framework – Tamara Schenk

Sales coaching is an essential but often overlooked aspect of sales teams. Coaching has to be formalized and ongoing to have sustainable sales performances; doing so can boost win rates by nine-percent. Sales enablement technology provides useful tools for ongoing sales training such as playbooks and scripts that are tailored for each customer.

4 Tips for Sales Enablement – Adam Vavrek

One of the key to sales enablement is ongoing training for sales reps. As Adam Vavrek points out, after a two hour training session reps stopped following the training after just a couple of weeks. To be more effective, short weekly training sessions were implemented, improving both focus and retention. Continuous training can actually result in less time training, less team friction, and more effectiveness.

11 Sales Enablement Stats to Help You Sell More – Bonnie Valentine

Sales enablement is a great tool to help sales teams operate more efficiently. This article provides some takeaways that salespeople can use to be better sellers. A few key statistics stood out: 50% of time is wasted on unproductive prospecting, and 65% of reps say they can’t find content to send to their prospects. These common problems are easily solved by using effective sales enablement tools.

5 Ways a Sales Enablement Tool Adds Value – Shelley Cernel

Account-based selling is one of the hottest new B2B sales trends in 2016 because of its emphasis on quality over quantity. Sales enablement tools make account-based selling much easier for sales reps by providing just-in-time coaching and relevant content for prospects. The alignment of different departments allows for a more powerful execution of the sales process and helps build stronger customer relationships.

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