November 2016

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Sales enablement articles review
November 2016 – Month in Review

What are some of the hottest current trends in marketing and sales? With posts from The Content Marketing Institute, Salesforce, Sales Hacker and more, we compiled the standout articles on marketing and sales enablement best practices from November.Three Pillars of a Solid Sales Force Enablement Foundation...

Sales Coaching Tips for the Modern Manager
Sales Coaching Tips for the Modern Manager

With the pressure to hit higher sales goals than ever before, today’s sales managers are increasingly turning to new coaching techniques and technologies to help their teams drive revenue. Sales coaching, in particular, can make a huge difference in sales rep performance, and sales managers...

Using Psychographics to Understand Why B2B Buyers Buy
What Marketing Content Do Sales People Want?

Back in May KnowledgeTree studied over a million content interactions to see what content sales people want. The results continue to be fascinating — and we’re getting ready to update the research with the latest statistics.There were a few items in particular that interested me....

Data-driven marketing
4 Data-Driven Marketing and Sales Mysteries: Solved

Download the infographic, 4 Sales & Marketing Mysteries Solved with Data-Driven Sales Enablement. The Loch Ness monster, the Bermuda Triangle, the Lost Colony of Roanoke - some of the world's biggest mysteries that will probably never be solved. Yet we are still drawn to them and many...

Using Sales Enablement to Reduce Customer Churn
Using Sales Enablement to Reduce Customer Churn

Congratulations! You have identified the right prospects, had engaging conversations, advanced your buyers through the sales process with value-add content, and closed the deal. So now what? Are you done?If a prospect has a good buyer experience, they are more likely to become a customer....

Marketing Leadership Ebook
Social Selling for Marketers

On Friday I wrote a recap of last week’s webinar with Socedo and ZoomInfo. It was a great event — I learned a lot of practical tips for how sales teams can execute on social selling.Speaking as a marketer, there were also multiple key lessons...

4 Strategies for Social Selling

This week I had the chance to moderate a fantastic panel on social selling. I spoke with Adam Hutchinson from Socedo and Scott Littrell from ZoomInfo — two pros who have spent a ton of time thinking about and acting on social selling strategies.Above is the recording...