November 2016 – Month in Review

Sales enablement articles review

30 Nov November 2016 – Month in Review

What are some of the hottest current trends in marketing and sales? With posts from The Content Marketing Institute, Salesforce, Sales Hacker and more, we compiled the standout articles on marketing and sales enablement best practices from November.

Three Pillars of a Solid Sales Force Enablement Foundation – Tamara Schenk

Taking valuable findings from the 2016 Sales Enablement Optimization Study, sales expert Tamara Schenk offers insights on the three areas you should focus on to create a foundation for a sales enablement strategy.


The Myth of the Handoff in Account Based Sales Development – Brandon Redlinger

Unlike the traditional, out-moded division between marketing and sales when a lead bounces from one to the other, divisions need to come down when using account-based strategies. See the tactical ways your teams can work together seamlessly for better sales outcomes in this post from the Salesforce blog.


What Makes a Good Sales Kickoff? – Richard Harris

As the year ends, organizations are looking to 2017 – and sales kick off is coming soon. Get thinking now about what a successful sales kick off looks like for your organization in this post from Sales Hacker.


7 Steps to Building a Content Marketing Culture That Works – Andy Betts

Content works when it’s built with a goal in mind. But those goals might not be clear among multiple teams, who may care about sales, recruiting, products – really, any area throughout the organization. See the seven steps you can use to help define content goals, streamline content efforts, and deliver on aligned content marketing goals in this post from the Content Marketing Institute.


Developing an Account Based Selling Strategy to Start the New Year Strong – Shelley Cernel

Account-based strategies can boost win rates, shorten deal cycles, and create better sales efficiency and productivity. In this post from Smart Selling Tools, take a look at the six steps sales leaders can take to implement an Account-Based Selling strategy in the new year.

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