Making Your Next Marketing Content Audit Your Last

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11 Jan Making Your Next Marketing Content Audit Your Last

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Marketers know that their content pieces are valuable. It can be a laborious process to create content and manage it, and each piece has its role. That’s what I had in mind when I read this remarkable story this week that relates to marketing and content management.

Two county librarians in Florida knew that there was a rule they had to follow: Books that weren’t checked out would be pulled from circulation.

But, as the Associated Press reported this month, these two librarians were rule-breakers.

What Chuck Checked Out

Instead of letting the unread books be pulled, they created a made up library patron – “Chuck Finley.” Using this fake account, “Chuck” checked out over 2000 books in less than a year, all as a part of the librarians’ efforts to keep Steinbeck on the shelves. If “Chuck” was interested in a book, it stayed safely in the library system.

However, their actions were noticed, and the discovery triggered a system-wide audit for all libraries in the county.

A content audit? Chuck, how could you? Marketers know this feeling well, although for different reasons than this library’s managers experienced.

Why a Content Audit at All?

As marketers, we have vastly different reasons for conducting a content audit. We don’t have to operate under rules the way these two librarians had to, but we do have to carefully weigh the value of each piece of content. We need to measure content’s effectiveness, particularly so we can justify creating more of the same, with an eye to how content actually drives sales interactions.

If you have ever been through a content audit before – whether it’s 50 pieces or 5,000 pieces – you know it’s a tall order for anyone to accomplish. Generally the goals of a marketing content audit are:

  • Determine existing scope
  • Evaluate performance
  • Find gaps in both of these


Note the third goal of finding the gaps. What kinds of gaps? It might be that your content library lacks certain content types, or it’s missing pieces in certain parts of the customer journey, or maybe there is not enough content coverage for a particular buyer persona.

The Last Marketing Content Audit

Performing a content audit that doesn’t have to be repeated means setting up your content audit so it scales for growth. Too often marketers aren’t sure how effective their content is or if they were able to achieve any ROI from it. If you build in measurement ahead of time, when a new piece of content is added, you have already thought about how to measure the metrics that indicate success.

To address this challenge for marketers, we created an ebook, “The Last Content Audit You Will Ever Need.” It contains six steps to creating a content audit that works for revenue-driven marketers to help prove ROI and make the sales team your #1 champion of your content.

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