March 2017 – Month in Review

05 Apr March 2017 – Month in Review

In case you missed it, we compiled some of the best sales enablement articles from March. Check out these articles to learn more about recent trends and hot topics in the sales enablement space.

Sales Leadership Exchange 2017 Insights: The Evolution of Sales Enablement – Peter Zink

In case you missed the 2017 Sales Leadership Exchange, Peter Zink gives an in-depth recap of the key talking points. The popular sales enablement discussion was focused primarily on sales onboarding and sales coaching. These are often two of the most overlooked aspects in the sales enablement space.

Top 10 Free Sales Enablement Resources – Shelley Cernel

Sales enablement is a powerful tool to increase sales rep performance. Your sales team needs to focus on repeatable steps that can help guide your prospect into the final stages of the sale. Having a sales enablement tool can mean faster sales cycle, higher sales productivity, larger deal sizes, better sales efficiency, and more revenue. Take a look at these top 10 sales enablement resources we have compiled to help your team in the upcoming quarter.

The Enablement of Women in Sales – Tamara Schenk

Women in sales enablement jobs are increasingly low around the globe. This sales industry is ready for more women in leadership positions. Tamara Schenk, Sales Enablement Leader & Analyst, speaks from personal experience to promote women in sales enablement positions.

Boost Sales by Using the Best to Train the Rest – Michael Harris

The bottom 80% of salespeople hardly ever improve without the help of the top 20%. Why waste training resources when you have star performers in your midst? In this article, Michael Harris shares his experience with sales training programs and how to boost efficiency within them.

Sales Enablement as Information Concierge – Peter Mollins

Today’s buyers are changing their ways and with the evolution of the buyer-seller relationship comes new tactics. Effective sales people within any organization must be responsible for acting as the information concierge. As a sales person you need to add value to your prospect. Values such as product information, customer best practices, and hidden analytics are just a few of the necessary information activities that sales people can give to their potential buyers.

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