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8 Mistakes B2B Marketers Make (& What to do About It)
Build Your Sales Enablement Plan

 Click here to access the eBook. Sales Enablement is not a nice to have action. It's imperative for every organization to implement — and now. That’s because it has a direct impact on the top line, driving faster onboarding of reps, larger deals, faster throughput of the...

April 2017 – Month in Review

In case you missed it, we compiled some of the best sales enablement articles from April. Check out these articles to learn more about recent trends and hot topics in the sales enablement space. Sales' Role After the Close - Steve Silver Retention is a word that is...

Attending SiriusDecisions Summit?
Attending SiriusDecisions Summit?

A major highlight in the Sales and Marketing event calendar is the SiriusDecisions Summit. Each year this Woodstock for GTM practitioners rolls out some pretty incredible and practical content. This is one that you should sign up for if you care about any part of...

5 Hacks to Keep Sales Teams on Message
5 Hacks to Keep Sales Teams on Message

Buyers expect more from their sales people. They want information that helps them to run their business better. So, if you have reps that are messaging poorly, manufacturing their own messaging, or generally off best-practices, how can you expect them to get prospects’ attention?With that...

Marketing Barriers
4 Barriers Marketing Leaders Should Tear Down

Do marketers divide their jobs up in black and white terms to make all the complexities a little easier?Yes, says University of Oxford marketing professor Andrew Stephen in this recent article in Forbes. He calls them 'false dichotomies of marketing.' Some examples he gives are...

Top 8 Free Sales Productivity Resources
Top 8 Free Sales Productivity Resources

Sales productivity means maximizing sales results while minimizing the resources expended, such as cost, effort, and time. Making even a small change in sales productivity can have direct and significant impacts on the bottom line. And the 20/60/20 rule says that about 20% of your...

Account-based Marketing for Dummies Book Review
Outbound Sales Best Practices eBook

 Click here to access the eBook. Sales and marketing professionals are often drawn to new best practices to drive revenue. No surprise here — everyone wants an extra edge and if there’s some new approach, you might want to check it for value.That was the case with...