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Takeaways from MarTech 2016
What I Learned at Salesforce’s Dreamforce

Three years ago (has it already been three years?) Salesforce bought marketing software vendor ExactTarget. That acquisition included not only ExactTarget’s massive customer base and technology, but also the value of marketing automation vendor Pardot, which ExactTarget had itself recently acquired.Shortly afterward, the questions were...

The 5 Ws of Sales and Marketing Alignment — A Recap of the ZoomInfo Panel
True Predictive Sales Enablement Content

B2B buyers are overwhelmed. Every day they’re bombarded with prospecting emails, calls, and social media messages. And most of these interruptions add no value at all. So it’s no wonder that prospects are tuning out. Excluding any improvements to process, tooling, or messaging, just ask...

Month in Review
September 2016 – Month in Review

Don’t miss out on these new topics and trends! We found some of the best sales enablement and marketing articles from September – check them out below. Facts Tell, But Stories Sell: The Power of Narrative-Driven Marketing - Alex Hisaka Offering a refresher on what questions to...

What Makes a Super Sales Manager?
What Makes a Super Sales Manager?

Sales managers are in a challenging role and are often juggling multiple priorities. They have to direct their teams and coach and support their reps, as well as report to and manage expectations from more senior leadership and work towards hitting organizational objectives.Do you know...

Guest Post by SalesLoft: Why The Market for Sales Technology Has Exploded
Why the Market for Sales Technology Has Exploded

If you’ve been following the sales industry for more than several years, you’ve probably noticed the recent boom in sales-related technology and SaaS organizations. New ones seem to be sprouting up every day!Staying on top of the game requires continuous improvement. For sales teams, this means a world of...

ABE Aligns Sales & Marketing at Last - Knowledge Tree
ABE is Aligning Sales & Marketing Teams At Last

ABM, or account based marketing, is becoming the new standard for complex B2B sales cycles, but not enough people are asking the question: Why is it called “account-based marketing?” The companies that have had success have really positioned ABM as a strategic business initiative rather than...