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Do Your B2B Sales Prospects have FOMO?
Do Your Sales Prospects have FOMO?

Today's B2B buyers have more choices and possibilities than ever before, and the Internet and all of the information online ensures buyers are even more educated. But the downside to having so many options is that buyers often worry about whether they are making the...

February Month in Review
February 2016 – Month In Review

We have gathered some of the month's most interesting and relevant pieces on sales enablement. Read these articles to learn more about the most recent trends and hot topics in the sales enablement space. Getting Clarity on Sales Enablement - Tamara Schenk Sales enablement is becoming more...

Marketers and technology - new report and findings for CMS and portal
How to Increase Content Use with a Sales Portal

Much like a beachcomber finding the sand too hot but the water too cold, B2B marketers are running headlong towards technology - but finding it difficult to handle. New research from Forrester shows that some of the pillars of marketing technology are starting to crack.While...

Successfully Managing Marketing Content for Sales

One of the most influential sales and marketing conferences of the year is coming up. SiriusDecisions Summit is the flagship conference of industry analysts SiriusDecisions. And each year the lineup of keynote sessions is eagerly anticipated. Last week, we heard some of the slate of...

Recruit, Train, and Retain with Sales Enablement
Recruit, Train, and Retain with Sales Enablement

The roles and functions of the B2B sales team have changed quite a bit in just the past decade. One of the greatest contributors to these advances is the integration of technology throughout the sales process. Why is this important? Well, the increasingly competitive marketplace...